The Blog

What to expect:

  • Reviews of make-up and skincare products. Mostly cheaper-end products because minimum-wage student, period. But, reviews may venture onto the strange side of high-end products due to curiosity and rave reviews of others.
  • Korean cosmetics and skincare will take a good chunk of reviews because: mostly cute packaging, overall good quality and reasonable pricing.
  • DIY testing. There are a lot of do-it-yourself recipes out there that I’m interested in testing out. Let’s hope a lot of them pass the test!
  • FOTD & OOTD. Because both face and outfit of the day posts are easy-peesy-lemon-squeezy.
  • Speaking of face, mostly neutral/natural looks will take up the blog.
  • A lot of writing. Cause this blogger here likes to write. A lot.
  • Due to the high amount of beauty blogs out there, I attempt to be a little different and add some gifs (whether about the products or for just plain silliness sake) in posts. Let’s see how well that’s gonna work.

What not to expect:

  • Nail care. Nail polish is pretty but I get far too upset when the stuff chips and cracks before the week is over. I don’t have the patience to constantly remove and redo them either. Power to those who do!
  • Body care. I’m terrible. I don’t really do much upkeep for my body. I buy whatever body wash, whatever razor, and/or whatever body lotion that may be on sale (and I just got into moisturizing my body).
  • Hair care. My patience is a big factor when doing anything beauty, and hair care usually requires time that I just don’t want to give up.  Let’s hope the messy wavy hair or lazy up-dos will be over-shone by the sheer power of make-up in pictures to come.

The Blogger



  • Early 20’s
  • Caucasian
  • Canadian
  • Completing Bachelor’s in Cognitive Science
  • Majorly dairy-intolerant, and living with family who are majorly gluten-intolerant. Cue a new (and necessary) passion for cooking!
  • One dog, a young chocolate lab mix.  He may make some cameos 😉
  • No way am I a professionally trained make-up or skincare expect. Just a regular girl who like to test out stuff and see what works for her.


  • NC15-20
  • Oily-Combo
  • Moderate acne.
  • Dermatillomaniac, A.K.A Obsessive-Compulsive-Skin-Picker.


And that’s all for now. Hope to see some of you for future posts!

With love,
Nadine, T.M.E



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