First Impressions: Clio’s Kill Cover Collection (3 in 1!)

kill cover intro

Okay, I like full coverage. I, solemnly, admit that I do. So, when an entire collection like Clio’s Kill Cover is out there, I’m a goner. So, here we are…trying out three in the collection: the Liquid Founwear Cushion, Pro Artist Liquid Concealer, and Highest Wear Pact. Interested in how these guys fair? Keep reading~

And I’m back! I’ve been away awhile; school, work, moving out, and running a blog was too much for me, but since school and moving out are out of the mix now, i’m back on! So toot toot, let’s get this show on the road.


Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Cushion, SPF 50 PA+++ (in 02 Lingerie)

Founwear Cushion

1st Thoughts:

  • Note: I wanted to try out the third shade (Linen) because summer’s coming, but alas, the site I bought it from was out of stock, so I went the shade down.
  • Typical cushion packaging with two exceptions: the refill is LIQUID. You’re supposed to pour it into the sponge once it gets dry. From other reviewers, I heard it’s a terrible mess to deal with though. I guess I’ll see for myself in the future. AND, the puff isn’t your classic blue, but eh, it feels pretty much the same as the rest of ’em.
  • WHOA, jammed packed with product, the lightest touch and look at my (red) finger, man.
  • A freebie primer. Sure, okay, why not? Will try this as well.


Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer (in 03 Linen)

Pro Artist Concealer

1st Thoughts:

  • Pretty packaging, look at the frosted see-through tube *glitz* Slanted doe-foot applicator is a little larger than the average…cool?
  • Dang, darker than I thought, but I can work with this.
  • Ohhh, creamy.
  • WHOOOA, pigment. Yas. This will be good.


Kill Cover Highest Wear Pact, SPF 30 PA++ (in 03 Linen)

High Wear Pact

1st Thoughts:

  • Standard pact packaging; sleek, has plastic protector thing, velvet puff, mirror. Classic and good.
  • Darker than expected, like the concealer.
  • Coverage seems…okay.
  • Maybe a little powder-y.



Kill Cover all together now

  • Disclaimer* I know that putting these products all on top of each other may not give the best and most natural results, but we’re gonna do it anyways.
  • Bare: Tiny bumps due to sleeping without washing makeup off. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES PEOPLE.
  • Primer: Because it’s included, I tried the primer. It’s a light liquid with no pigment, gives the skin a slightly dewy finish. i dunno whats it supposed to do but eh.
  • Cushion : Pretty great, higher medium coverage for sure. I could get away without concealer…but ya’ll know I gotta add it on anyways.
  • Concealer: Not the same shade, sure, but due to the creaminess of the concealer, it blends in pretty well.
  • Pact: After waiting 10+ minutes for the cushion and concealer to set, and patting off the excess with a tissue, I applied the pact. It mattified, as expected, and added a little more coverage for sure. Not too powdery like I initially thought though!


Longevity & Oil Control Test?

After Application

0 Hours

  • What we’re starting with, with an added help of a hydrating mist (The Face Shop’s Honey Essence Mist).
  • Natural lighting is on my side, as usual.
  • Not too bad, already seeing slight creasing around the nostrils and smile-lines. Yikes, a little heavy looking too but we’re motoring on.


After 4 hours

4 Hours

  • Under fluorescent lighting. The horror.
  • Still pretty matte, creasing didn’t happen to my surprise. So far, so good!


After 8 hours

8 Hours

  • Under the horror that is fluorescent lighting…again.
  • tinybumpstinybumps, i deserve it skin, i know. i will wash you from now on, forgive me.
  • The shine has definitely entered the building. BUT, it’s a dewy appearance, not oily. What I mean: the oil isn’t breaking apart the cushion+concealer nor taking away from the coverage. So, it’s not terrible. I’m pointing fingers at the pact for not maintaining the matte finish though.



  • Rating: 8/10
  • The coverage is great and as advertised. Thumbs up Clio!
  • It wears through the day pretty well, but, like pictured above, I got my shine on around the 8 hour mark, and I have combination skin. So, I imagine those with oilier skin types won’t fair as well.
  • I definitely will keep testing these guys out!

That’s all for now and lots of love,

Nadine, T.M.E

ps: didn’t want to bring and whip out my fancier camera at work, which would certainly grab my coworkers attention, so my iphone camera had to do. sorry for the sub-par quality face pics D:
pss: also trying to get used to the lighting in my new room DDD:


9 thoughts on “First Impressions: Clio’s Kill Cover Collection (3 in 1!)

  1. Awesome to see you posting again!!! šŸ˜€

    I like Clio, they have some awesome products. The cushion is seriously high coverage! How is the shade match btw, it seems decent for you in natural lighting but I can’t really tell.

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