Big Haul & First Impressions: ColourPop!

Colourpop Intro

ColourPop is definitely taking the beauty community by storm with its fun colours and interesting formulations. With all the hype, I decided to bite the bullet (along with additional shipping charges to Canada). Wanna know what I think? Click away!

My friend, Sabrina, over at sabsabsbeauty on tumblr jumped in on the order, so not all items in the box above are mine. Just FYI. And one of her highlighters got smashed! Shame, I know. But ColourPop was super quick to respond to my email (less than a few hours really) and said they would send a replacement! Anyhow, onwards:

Ordering and Shipping?


  • Ordering is pretty damn easy, website is easy to navigate and has fantastic swatches. Only grief is that the swatch images aren’t there for every products and thus, inconsistent. (Whining like the spoiled child I am, amiright?)
  • Paypal is an option. Awesome.
  • Shipping was pretty quick, and I paid 14$ (which is pretty reasonable for a tracked package from the States to Canada).
  • The package itself was packed quite well, and it had this awesome foam sheet things (which looks hella secure but eh, one highlighter still did break 😦 )
  • LOOK AT THESE CARDS, pretty nifty. I’m one of their favourite muggles, and I say “one of” because you know they probably do copy and paste these cards. But my name is hand written, hell yeah

Eye and Cheek_ColourpopLip_Colourpop

  • Cute and simple, I do like.
  • Another grief: some boxes are labeled with the colours, and some are not. Personally, this kind of inconsistency bugs me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that big of a deal but it’s kind of like *twitch twitch*, know what I’m sayin’?


Eye Swatches_Colourpop

  • Overall impression: quite pigmented and pleasant velvet-like texture. It’s a cream meets powder formulation for sure. Downside to these is that it doesn’t get picked up by a blender/crease brush well, but once it’s on your lids, it does blend nicely. Fingers are definitely the best tools with these babies.
    • Super Shock Shadow in Game Face (Ultra Metallic finish):
      I love how copper this shade, but I feel like it isn’t quite as copper when swatched or applied to the eyes. But more testing is needed!
    • Super Shock Shadow in Girl Power (Pressed Pigment):
      Omg, this burnt orange colour is awesome. I mostly bought this because I wanted to see the difference between the regular shadows and a pressed pigment. Still can’t see the difference, but this colour is especially hard to remove with Bioderma’s micellar water. Therefore, I’m thinkin’ it’ll last a little longer?
    • Super Shock Shadow in So Quiche (Metallic finish):
      This is such a unique and complex colour. It’s a cooler tone grey meets brown with PURPLE GLITTER. Soooooo cool. But, it took a few finger swipes to get that full pigment capacity. (What I mean is the first swipe was mostly glitter, had to go back in to see more of that cool tone grey/brown.) Again, more testing is sure to be had.
    • Super Shock Shadow in Hanky Panky (Matte finish):
      A little disappointed with this matte guy, he’s not as pigmented as I would like him to be. It takes a bit of effort to get him to show up. 😦


Cheek Swatches_Colourpop

  • Overall impression: ah-mazing~~~~<3. All of these cheek products aren’t 100% boompow pigmented, which I prefer because you don’t have to be extra mindful or light handed all the damn time. You can build the intensity of the blushes, highlight and bronzer very easily and to your personal preference.
    • Blush in Birthday Suit (Satin finish):
      A lovely everyday shade that’s slightly glowy. So glad I got this shade!
    • Blush in Cheerio (Satin finish):
      omg, this shade is lovely. A dash of red and purple and pink all blended together. I love darker blush shades and this does not let me down. I gotta be a little careful with this guy so I don’t over do it on my fair skin ahaha.
    • Highlighter in Wisp (Pearlized finish):
      I wanted a gold based highlighter and oops, this might be too dark for my skintone. And it’s like really gold. Pretty, but whoa. Not for my no-makeup makeup days. I’ll give it one more shot or two before calling it a new and really big eyeshadow.
    • Bronzer in Paradise Cove (Satin finish):
      Yessss, doesn’t it feel great when you select the right shade from an online store? Like, one bonus point in the game of life for me. Anyhow, I love this bronzer very much, it’s not too warm like many bronzers out ther! I enjoy satin finishes because they’re not as dramatic on my face. I love being fair, but I also like adding some dimension. Good compromise, I say.


Lip Swatches_Colourpop

  • Overall impression: As a whole, these lip products are great. Individually they have their weakness, so more on that below!
    • Ultra Matte Lip in Limbo:
      Omg, I’m so excited to rock this lip. It’s a real chocolate brown with a hint of red and I’m sooooo ready.
    • Ultra Matte Lip in Beeper:
      All right, this shade I did try on my lips and I was surprised how dark it looked once it dried. I loooove it, but still, a surprise. Also, it was ever-so-slightly patchy? I couldn’t really tell when applying the stuff dry, but behold. And yes, an oil-based makeup remover or even micellar water does take these off very nicely.
    • Lippie Pencil in Brink:
      Very creamy and pigmented when applying, but it still dries fast and it’s good guys allright? But DO NOT BE FOOLED, these lippie pencils do indeed need to be sharpened. My lazy self is in woe.
    • Lippie Stix in Flawless (Satin finish):
      Err, can’t say much besides that it swatched nicely on my arm in the way that it’s creamy and pigmented enough. The colour is a little out of season for myself but overall, the first impression is good.
    • Lippie Stix in Lady (Matte finish):
      Indeed this is matte, but not you know MATTE, if that makes any sense. A little streaky, so a couple of coats are needed for an even coverage. The shape of applicator thing…hmm, not sure if I’m that big of a fan.

And that’s all! Overall, a very good experience and I definitely wouldn’t mind making another ColourPop purchase.

With love,
Nadine, T.M.E


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