First Impressions: The Face Shop’s Ink Lipquid (in BR01 Rose Marsala)

Ink Lipquid

Okay, I’m a little bit of a sucker when it comes to makeup and skincare (like you guys couldn’t guess). When The Face Shop says buy one, get one half off , I think, ahh the beauty gods have graced me with this chance to add a new lip product into my arsenal. So, here we are. Let’s see if what my first thoughts are on this (somewhat) pricey lip product.

The Packaging?

Ink Lipquid packaging

  • Pretty much on point. It’s so tiny and slick, and I can tell the colour on the end. Nice.
  • Dislike: the weird doe foot applicator. It’s shaped in a concave fashion, so a lot of product gathers in it.

The Application?

Ink Lipquid application

  • Ehhh, it’s a doe-foot applicator and it applies well enough. But like stated earlier, due to its shape, the wand picks up a lot, maybe even too much, product.

The Feel?

  • As soon as I put this on, I thought, ah, so it’s a lip tint. (because I didn’t bother to look up what this was before trying it ahaha)
  • It’s very typical of a cream/milk lip tint. It gives pretty good colour pay off, and it absorbs really quick. It also feels pretty comfortable on the lips.
  • (NYC’s Liquid Lip Stain is very comparable)

The Look?

Ink Lipquid the look

  • The shade is pretty natural on me (coughcough, when I’m not two shades paler due to a wrong face powder choice); a “my lips but better” shade.
  • Nice amount of shine and hides chapped lips better well!
  • BUUUT, then that top layer comes off and the tint left behind isn’t that noticeable with this shade.

The Conclusion?

Ink Lipquid the conclusion

  • Overall impression: Meh, 6.5/10
  • In comparison to other lip tints I’ve tried, I don’t find this much different. Well, it might even have a shorter life span on the lips compared to others actually.
  • Wished I bought a brighter colour so the tint would be more apparent. To be honest, I thought this would show up darker than it was.
  • Will I repurchase? Nope.
  • If you’re interested in trying something like this, the NYC Liquid Lip Stains are pretty similar and are a fraction of the price.

That’s all~
Much love,
Nadine, T.M.E

ps: No, really, let’s all ignore how the face powder I used is too pale for me. Thanks for your cooperation!


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