My Summer Favourites of 2015!

Intro Summer Favs

It’s been a while since I did a monthly favourites post, so here I am with a summer favourites post instead! Short and simple, right? No? Either way, do click to check them out~

So, these favourites aren’t necessarily only for the summer time, they’re just the products I heavily enjoyed and kept reaching for this summer. With that said, let’s continue 😉


Summer Fav Skincare

1. The Body Shop, Aloe Gentle Exfoliator

  • I love exfoliating; it’s to the point where over-exfoliation is a major concern/fear of mine. Luckily, this exfoliator is gentle enough for frequent use. It might be too gentle for some, but I feel it working and am pleased with how my skin is after using it. Silky feeling skin without the guilt guys~

2. The Body Shop, Vitamin E Eye Cube

  • This is a weird product that I didn’t have high hopes for. I mean, the idea is that it’s a cooling product that will help with puffiness. Err. Yeah, not really a concern of mine. HOWEVER, this totally not actually a lip balm thingy for the under-eyes is actually pretty good for preventing creasing and dryness!

Hair Care

Summer Fav Hair Care

3. TRESemmé Flawless Curl Extra Hold Mousse

  • Honestly, I dislike the majority, if not all, of TRESemmé’s products. However, I tried this product through a friend and was pleasantly surprised! After a shower, I apply maybe a toonie-size pump to my hair and let it air dry.My hair naturally is that weird frizzy-wavy meets curly BUUUT, with the help of this product the frizz is reduced and curls are defined in a natural looking manner. The key is a little goes a long way, DO NOT pump out a handful or you will get crunchy curls. It ain’t cute. trust me. mistakes guys, mistakes have happened.


Summer Fav Concealer

4. The Saem, Cover Perfection Tip Concealer (in 01 Clear Beige)

  • This is a cult favourite in the Asian Beauty community and lord, I understand why. Praises be onto this concealer. This tiny and quite affordable guy packs a punch. A little goes a long way for sure! It’s not too dry or yellow for my skin, hallelujah. I recommend this guy to all the paler gals out there looking for the highest coverage liquid concealer. Will repurchase for life.

Summer Fav Lip

5. LA Girl, Luxury Creme Lip Color (in GLC532 Forbidden Love)

  • This lip colour is the closest to a nude I can get without washing myself out. And it looks so dark in the swatch ahaha. I love these LA Girl lipsticks and their formulation. Super creamy and long lasting with a huge colour selection, and don’t forget the cheap price tag! A negative? A little sticky maybe?

6. The Body Shop, Color Crush Shine Lipstick (in 14 Magenta Be Rouge)

  • Basically a very nice tinted lip balm stick thing. Pretty and cute colour for the summer. Woo woo.

7. Annabelle, Lipsies (in Watermelon)

  • A recommended product from one of my favourite youtubers at the moment, Emily Fox. She’s Canadian and has a billion swatch videos, so go check her out~ Anyhow, this is an amazing tinted lip balm that packs a punch in the colour department. Pretty moisturizing for its texture and smells lovely~ The colour itself is a nice bright and warm pink, tres great for my yellow undertone really ^^


Summer Fav Brushes

8. elf, Studio Crease Brush

  • God, everyone needs this one. It’s so small and perfect for the crease and blending them eyeshadows and only 3DOLLAH. GO BUY.

9. Unbranded Brush (found on BornPrettyStore, Nars Yachiyo dupe?)

  • The aesthetic of this brush is on point. Despite its prettiness, I do like using this for blush and highlighting. It’s lightweight and not too densely packed, great to building on colour. I’m sure it’s not as soft as the Nars original, but it’s still a nice brush 🙂

10. elf, Studio Mineral Powder Brush

  • I call this brush a mini kabuki brush on a stick. I like using it for bronzing and highlighting, it also blends everything so nicely~ I do like.


Summer Fav Scents

11. Bath and Body Works, Cucumber Melon (Body Wash and Fragrance Mist)

  • Guys, the nostalgia. Cucumber Melon was the first fragranced anything I bought with my own money. I remember it now…it was the body lotion and you better believe I smelt divine. Either way, this is a good mix of freshness with a hint of sweetness that makes me happy all day long. Cucumber Melon, please stay with me forever.

12. The Body Shop, Honeymania (Eau de Toilette and Body Butter)

  • I’m either a fresh or floral girl with scents and this scent is a beautiful light floral. I don’t know where honey comes to play, but I don’t much care either. I put this on and imagine I’m in a field of wild flowers with no responsibilities. Sigh, girl’s gotta dream.

So, Body Shop took over my summer…if you couldn’t tell. Oh well! Hope you enjoyed~

Much love,
Nadine, T.M.E

ps: you guys are troopers for dealing with my inconsistent post designs. Love to you all.


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