Review: NYX Studio Liquid Liner (in Extreme Purple)


I’ve definitely hopped onto the bright eyeliner bandwagon with much enthusiasm. Unfortunately, finding said brightly coloured liners is not easy. NYX is pretty well known for offering good quality makeup in an array of colours. So, I of course wanted to give this guy a shot. Interested to see how I fared? Go ahead and click~



  • Fairly simple packaging, which I do like.
  • However, the brush is a little hard to maneuver due to it being so small and flimsy.



  • Kay, my MAJOR grief with this eyeliner is the formulation, which affects the application.
  • This eyeliner is basically coloured eyelash glue.The pigmentation isn’t 100% there, so sometimes a double coat is needed and layering this stuff can be difficult due to it being…well, like glue (clumping happens basically, and the first coat can strip/peel off)
  • Not sure bout ya’ll, but I curl my lashes and ‘mascara’ them after eyeliner. That being said, it’s extremely difficult to get this eyeliner on without getting a blob of it on your lashes (which dries quickly and you can’t just leave it cause it makes your lashes clumpy and UGGGGGH).
  • Also, watch out with your curler; curl too close and it might stick and tear a patch of your liner off.



  • After the headache of applying, the liner is quite pretty and long lasting
  • There’s no risk of smudging and it’s pretty much waterproof, though some flaking can happen if you over apply or rub your eyes.



  • The formulation is just bizarre. Waterproof yes, but not user friendly.
  • Pretty as it may be, I’ll probably only whip this out when I have a lot of time on my hands and have a specific look in mind.
  • Repurchase? Nope.
  • Overall rating? 4/10

That’s all! Sorry it took a while to get this out. Just when I thought I had a handle on managing my free time with the full-time work schedule!

Much love,
Nadine, T.M.E


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