Review: The Face Shop’s Face It Waterproof BB (in 1 Light Beige)

Face Shop WaterProof BB

So, I finally decided to do it! Here I am, writing the review for my HG foundation/BB that I’ve been raving about for far too long. Interested in why I may have a secret shrine dedicated to this BB? Then, click away!

All right, so I might not have a shrine, but lord knows I love this BB cream like a preteen loves boy bands. Let’s hop onto the review:


  • Solid plastic, thumbs up
  • Shiny lids, meh, fine I’ll deal
  • Nostril tip, a-okay with me.
  • All missions a-go NEXT CATEGORY


the face shop waterproof bb

  • Fairly simple!
  • Give it a good shake (which I usually do with all my liquid foundations anyways) and pour out the liquid gold.
  • A little goes a LONGGGG way. Around 4 drops is good to cover my blemish-filled face.
  • Apply dots all over the face and blend however you want. I personally think fingers give the best coverage and finish.


  • (I have been using this stuff for a year and I totally had to go and check what it smelt like just now)
  • A sort of fresh scent mixed with sunscreen. VERY mild and goes away quickly.
  • ANOTHER PASS, FOURRRth section here we come.


Face Shop WaterProof BB Full Face

  • Okay, I am floored by how well this stuff covers.
  • Typically, very thin foundations aren’t thought to have great coverage but holy cow, this bad boy can work up to full coverage no problem and can be brought down to a light coverage if needed.


Face Shop WaterProof BB Side

  • I think the thing I love most about this BB (besides its coverage) is how it looks on the skin; natural.
  • It strangely enough gives me a subtle radiance AND GAH. It dries quickly, but doesn’t dry out my skin and it’s plain ol’ lovely goshdarnit.
  • I have definitely gotten so many compliments on the look of my skin with this guy on. And you can see my actual skin condition ain’t that swell.

Longevity & Oil Control?

  • Guys
  • It’s WATERPROOF. What do you expect?
  • Well, okay, claims are claims until proven BUT my year-long testing says that this BB cream is pretty bulletproof, even on those oily summer days.
  • Still doubting me? Well, I went snorkeling with this BB on and you better believed it held strong. Waterproof indeed!!!
  • It’s a dream to wear. It just melts into the skin and omg guise no transferirng. At all. It’s a miracle.
  • Lord has graced us with this mighty fine makeup product, okay?


Face Shop WaterProof BB Makeup

  • So, if you missed the keyboard smashing above, I LOVE THIS BB CREAM THROUGH AND THROUGH.
  • Plus, SPF50?! Why wouldn’t you want to be protected like that?! Take that damaging sun rays!
  • BUT, if I had to pick out a couple of negatives, it would be that this BB comes in only two shades (that are pretty similar to each other when I swatched them in store), and that it’s like 20ish dollars, which is more expensive than a regular drugstore foundation(though it lasts a heck of a long time, so you get your money’s worth)
  • I would recommend this foundation/BB to: Everyone who falls under the shade selection, really.
  • I would not recommend this foundation/BB to: Anyone who doesn’t fall under the tiny and rather pasty shade selection?
  • Overall Rating: 100000/10!!!!! 

Done! Hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. It’s always nice to rave hysterically about a product.

Much love,
Nadine, T.M.E


8 thoughts on “Review: The Face Shop’s Face It Waterproof BB (in 1 Light Beige)

  1. Hi, do you find that this shade you used here was in the yellow or warm undertone category or would you say it is pinky? I am a fair blonde and can’t wear shades that have pink undertones, I need warm yellow undertones yet light shades. Please advise, thanks!

    • Hey! I’ve tried both shades of the BB cream and the 01 used in this post has a neutral tone (If I had to choose, I would say neither pink or yellow but more like a gray undertone in a way?), which gives a brightening effect. The 02, in comparison, is very minimally darker with a slightly warmer/more yellow undertone to it. I could honestly wear both shades on opposite sides of my face and no one would be able to tell the difference. Long story short; I have a yellow undertone myself and get away with either shade, but 02 is more warm than 01.
      Hope the helps!

      • Thanks! SO, I purchased 01, and it’s too white cast and slightly pink. I was thinking that since you said the darker shade is almost the same, maybe it would be too light as well. Do you recommend any other waterproof bb creams that come in more shades? I feel like this would have been a total winner if it wasn’t so white/pinky on me. Funny cause im very fair, but I do have the yellow undertone and it totally shows when you see my neck compared to my face while wearing this bb cream. Thank you!

  2. Hi there,
    I stumbled upon your writing whole trying to break from a rough derma session. In my 15+ years of dealing with all this bs, your posts have struck me as the most realistic, yet inspirational. I’m sure you have helped people more than you even know. Curating makeup that prioritizes coverage in all the right ways – especially for those with the exceptional struggle! Genius.

    You’re beautiful, thank you, and wish you all the best things in life.

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