Review: Sephora’s Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation (in Fair)

Sephora Perfection Mist Airbrush FoundationI’m back again! If an in-depth review on a fancy spray-on foundation piques your interest, then go ahead and click~

Now that I’m somewhat settled in my new (full-time!) job, I can get back to blogging a little more regularly. So, let’s get right on to this intriguing foundation.


Sephora Airbrush Packaging

  • It’s an aerosol can… and it works just like you think it would.
  • Press down and out sprays foundation! Ohh ahh.
  • Downside: Fairly large/tall canister, thus inconvenient for travel :/


sephora airbrush spray

  • Okay, there are a lot of ways to apply this foundation. Here’s a break down of what I thought of each:
    • Just spraying directly onto face: Messy and just…I don’t want to deal with that in the morning.
    • Spray close range to face and blend with tool/fingers: Still a little messy and evenly spreading can be difficult due to its thin consistency.
    • Spray onto flat top kabuki and spread onto face: It’s okay. I wasn’t that impressed with the finish; dry patches were no friends.
    • Spray onto dampen sponge and spread onto face: My favourite method because I find the finish to be the most even and natural.


  • Chemical-like meets strong powder. Not pleasant, but doesn’t last long either.


Sephora Airbrush Full Face

  • I read people saying this was a full coverage foundation, but eh, I wouldn’t go that far.
  • Medium to just under full if you build it. Some of my redness from blemishes weren’t getting covered.


Sephora AirBrush Side

  • Satin finish really, or a “very natural skin” finish or lite from within look, or whatever you beauty poets say these days.
  • Though, if over applied, it will cake up.

Longevity & Oil Control?

  • Okay, this is where I’ll address my two main issues with this foundation:
    1. This foundation does not fully set and remains tacky for a long time.
    2. Oil control is not good.
  • This foundation also becomes more and more dewy, which could be okay for some and not-so-okay for others.
  • Hour wise? If you’re oily, let’s say you’re safe for 4 hours of matte before the tackiness seeps through your setting powder. Another 2 hours and your face will be noticeably shiny.


Sephora Airbrush w Makeup

  •  I had a few expectations coming from what I thought would be a thinner, matte finish foundation, but alas, it was not what I got.
  • I like it enough to use it until I finish it, but I will not repurchase. Although good coverage, I wasn’t a fan of how tacky it was and how it accentuated any differences in my skin’s texture (ie: dry patches and scars)
  • I would recommend this foundation to: Normal skin types, who want a flawlessly even-toned face with a natural finish.
    I would not recommend this foundation to: Oilier skin types, due to lack of oil control OR drier skin types, due to dry patches being accentuated.
  • Overall Rating: 6.5/10

Whelp, there we go. Hope that was enlightening.

Much love,
Nadine, T.M.E


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