Asian Makeup and Accessories Haul (2/2 – BornPrettyStore)

unboxing bornprettystore introAnd we’re onto part two of the large birthday haul! This time around features items from BornPrettyStore! I have a good array of cosmetics and other accessories, with a few first impressions included. Shall we have a closer look?

A quicky blurb on BornPrettyStore:
An inexpensive online shopping site, mostly well known for its products for nail art, but it also has a good selection for cosmetics, accessories, clothing and more! I originally thought it was Chinese or Taiwanese based, but it ships out of Singapore?

bornprettystore packaging
Either way, my experience with them has been great. They’re quick when it comes to ticket concerns. I sent an inquiry after four days of placing an order when they guarantee all orders would be shipped out within two days. They promptly replied by the next day explaining that they were waiting for an item that was to be back in stock in a couple days and would give me a free gift for my troubles! Very nice, in my opinion. I also received a couple of minorly damaged lipsticks as well, which they promptly replied again and asked for pictures (pretty standard protocol). I’ll update more on how the further dealings go. It’s also free shipping, but you can pay 2.50 for tracking, which I did. The packaging could be a littttle better, ie: a box for large order like mine. But, overall, thumbs up!

Enough of me chatting, let’s goooo onto the haul.
FYI, the way the site is set up is that the items names are basically descriptions rather than having the brand and the brand’s actual name for the item. I’ll try to provide both of these, “BPS” standing for what’s on the site and “Brand” being what it’s actually called, if possible.

phone accessories bornprettystore

BPS: Leather Case Cover For IPhone 5c Bright Color Stitched Folding Design (#4)
Brand: N/A

  • The site says it’s leather but I’m 95% sure it’s not actually. But I wasn’t really expecting it to be. Either way, it fits my phone and that’s all I wanted!

BPS: Mini Bullet Dual USB 2-Port Car Charger Adaptor for IPad1/2 IPhone4/4S IPod Samsumng HTC

  • Haven’t actually tried this yet…oops? But reviews say it works so, here’s hoping!

bracelet and anklet bornprettystore

BPS: Posh Chain Link Anklet Vogue Fishbone Boho Anklet
Brand: N/A

  • I actually ADORE this anklet. It fits great! I’m wearing it at the tightest link possible in the photo above, so bigger ankles don’t have reasons to be concerned about sizing!

BPS: Blue bracelet? Not sure?
Brand: N/A

  • This was a gift item, so I don’t know what it’s called or whether it’s even up for regular sale. Not really my style, but my mom likes it, soooo it’s all hers now!

nail wraps bornprettystore

BPS: Nail Wraps Mysterious Starry Sky Night Patterned Full Nail Sticker
Brand: QJ, Nail Foils

  • GUYYYYS, like I could pass up having VAN GOGH’s STARRY NIGHT ON MY NAILS!!  FYI, I like art, especially impressionist/post-impressionist artworks. Haven’t tried these out yet, or any other nail wraps for the matter. So, I might grab another one so I don’t massacre this masterpiece first time around.

assorted accessories bornprettystore

BPS: Double-deck Round Sunglasses Unisex Vogue Sunglasses Anti UV Sunglasses (in 2)
Brand: Diane nisha (according to red sleeve)

  • I like vintage looking glasses. I tried this on and thought, oh man, I’m gonna have to wear my fashionista clothes and fancy lipsticks to pull this off. Cause it’s more…err, fashion forward than I anticipated? Oh well. Impressed by the included sleeve and wipe while overall quality is meh, but eh. It has a sticker that says UV400 on it, which means it’s fully protecting against all UV rays (according to here).

BPS: Mini Beauty Blender Double in Size When Damp Powder Puff Sponge Concealer Tools
Brand: N/A

  • It’s true. It does double in size when dampened. I do like the feel of it, it’s not too stiff or too soft. I haven’t tried it with makeup yeettt, but I’m thinking it’ll be perfectly fine.

brushes bornprettystore

BPS: Handmade Rattan Handled Blush Brush Portable Powder Brush [Black]
Brand: N/A

  • So, I bought this and the white brush purely for its wonderful aesthetics…And it looks like Nars’s Yachiyo brushes (can we pretend i bought that yeah lets do that). Either way, the brush itself is quite soft and I’m impressed with the quality. Yay!

BPS: Special Rattan Handled Powder Brush Handmade Blush Brush [White]
Brand: N/A

  • So, this one was definitely not made with the same love and care as the previous one. It’s shedding, not TERRIBLY, but shedding nonetheless and it isn’t as soft. I’m hoping a good wash will resolve these issues? Optimism people.

BPS: Red Handle Nasal Shadow Brush Professional Angle Eye Shadow Brush
Brand: N/A

  • I’m collecting crease brushes, cause I can. This is actually quite nice, it would be perfect for the crease if it was a bittttt smaller. Either way, soft and no shedding. Thumbs up!

eyelashes and glue bornprettystore

BPS: Black Hypoallergenic False Eyelash Glue Eco-friendly Double Eyelid Adhesive Glue for Makeup. 
Brand: Moon Story, Eyelash Glue

  • This bottle is HUGE. Like, I’m pretty sure I’d have to wear false lashes everyday for 2-3 years to get through this. Also, call me dumb, but I didn’t realize the glue was black. Err, oops. Oh well, it’s probably better that way.

BPS: 10 Pairs Handmade Artificial False Eyelash Bottom Eyelash Beauty Eye Makeup
Brand: N/A [cause I cannot read those characters on the box]

  • So…I’ve never put false eyelashes on before (with one Halloween exception, but that’s Halloween). What better way than to try with Asian lashes, which everyone says are the bomb. These also look pretty and not too dramatic for a novice me, also the bottom lashes caught my eye (puny aint i).

eyebrow and liquid liner bornprettystore

BPS: Brown Eyebrow Gel Lasting Waterproof Eyebrow Gel Cream Cute Dot Pattern 3 Colors (in 3)
Brand: Fairy Girl, Eyebrow Mascara (in 3 Cocoa)

  • This is actually no longer available on the site, which is a shame cause I do like it! I tried it today and had no issues with it. Some people might not like the brush though? I like how shimmery the gel is, it looks more natural on the brows. I just found it strange that the darkest colour is as warm and as light as it is though… (ps: huh, it’s a Japanese brand!)

BPS: Colorful Lasting Eyeliner Gel Natural Waterproof Eyeliner Gel for Makeup (in Blue)
Brand: Yorom, Liquid Eyeliner (in Blue? can’t read characters)

  • I like the colour, but its not that pigmented of a formula. So, two-coats are definitely needed. I haven’t given this a test run yet though, but I think with the two coats it’ll be fine~

liquid and gel eye liners bornprettystore

BPS: Smooth Eyeliner Pencil Cute Panda Black Lasting Smudge Proof Eyeliner Gel for Makeup
Brand: SWEET PINK, Smooth Liquid Eye Liner, Goodbye Miss Panda (just typing what I see on box)

  • I realllllllllllllllllllly like this one! I’ve been in love with brush liners, and this one didn’t fail to impress me. It’s super black, and doesn’t dry out during application. And oh gosh, the swatch I did on my hand would not come off. I’m excited to try this guy out some more~

BPS: Shimmer Waterproof Eyeliner Gel Cute Heart Pattern for Makeup 10 Color THE HOT (in 6)
Brand: TheHotShop, Color Eyeliner (in 06)

  • I think this eyeliner is good with its formulation and pigmentation; you can get away with one coat but two coats looks better. The curved brush is a little weird. Anyhow, my biggest peeve is the color? I thought it would be more …purple, but it’s kind of burgundy? Oh well. [ps: let’s ignore how THEHOTSHOP is totally copying THETOPSHOP’s style, kay?]

BPS: Charming Waterproof Eyeliner Gel Fashion Beauty Eye Makeup (in 16)
Brand: N/A

  • You know, I was a little apprehensive at first cause this was hella creamy but it dried real fast and was difficult to budge from there. The color is a fair bit more yellow on my skin than I anticipated. Oh well, I’m excited to try some eye looks with this nonetheless.

set of eyeliner or lipliners bornprettystore

BPS: 12 Colorful Waterproof Eyeliner Eyeshadow Eyebrow Pencil Smooth Lasting Cosmetic Pencil
Brand: My Qai Qai Mei, Auto XXL Makeup Pencil Eyeshadow/Eyeliner&Lipliner

  • I wanted some variety without needing to sharpen pencils, is that a crime? Either way, I’m not sure how I feel about these yet. They seems creamy enough, but I haven’t tried it on my eyes, lips or whatever yet lol. The colour variety is good, but I just noticed that the site shows an orange colour which I did not receive! HEY, I want orange! Oh well. BUT HEY, this isn’t packaged in an iron box great for gifting like the description says. Bornprettystore, not cool.

matte eye palette bornprettystore

BPS: 15 Colors Matt Eye Shadow Concealer Brow Powder Palette
Brand: Danni, 15 Colors MakhMali Eyeshadow 

  • Really impressed with packaging. It’s heavy and that mirror, guys. But, I still haven’t really given this a good shot yet. Seems decently pigmented, not super soft or anything. A little powdery, but workable. I’m excited for this because I don’t have many matte shadows ^^;

liquid lip stick gloss and tattoo bornprettystore

BPS: Matte Lip Gloss Glossy Lip Tint 7 Colors THE HOT (in 07)
Brand: THEHOTSHOP, Collagen Lip Gloss (in 07) 

  • I’m not quite sure about this product yet, but I like it at first glance. I just need to make sure my lips aren’t too chapped before putting this stuff on because it does accentuate those issues. It also doesn’t seem to dry down? Hmm, further analysis needed!

BPS: Magic Lip Mask Lip Tattoo Tint Pack Sexy Red Long Lasting Lip Gloss Lip Stick (in 04)
Brand: Balala, 7 Romantic Touch Fit Lip Tattoo Pack (in 8804)

  • I think this product is hella fun to use. Maybe a little difficult to stay inside lip lines, but fun nonetheless. And it works! It leaves a stain quite like a regular liquid lip stain would. This particular colour looks pinkish in the swatches provided on the site, but it turned out more orange on me, which I don’t mind cause I like orange-ish lips anyhow.

BPS: Velvet Liquid Lip Gloss Moisturizing Long Lasting Charming Lip Stick (in 02)
Brand: Mili, 0 Burden Moisturizing Lip Gloss (in 02)

  • Okay, I messed up. This colour is just terrible on me. Way too much of a pale pink. Also, this looks really chalky on my lips. However, it’s not sticky like the MeNow liquid lip glosses and it’s even more difficult to get off? I’ll see if I’ll further test this or not.

lipsticks bornprettystore

BPS: Matte Velvet Lip Gloss Waterproof Long Lasting Lip Stick THE HOT (in 7)
Brand: THEHOTSHOP, Matte Lipstick (in 07)

  • I realllllllly like this matte lipstick. It’s vibrant and opaque, overall very lovely. Kind of reminds me of lip stick version of the Sephora Lip Cream in Mandarin Muse. Plus, the packaging is nice~

BPS: Velvet Finish Moisturing Lip Stick Gloss Glossy Lip Tint THE HOT (in 12)
Brand: THEHOTSHOP, Lipstick (in 12)

  • So, unfortunately, it did get a little smooshed in transit, but that’s okay. I’ve never tried a more melty lipstick before. It’s really like applying butter to your lips. Whether thats good or not, I’m not sure. I really adore the colour though, and it’s quite opaque.

lip tints bornprettystore

BPS: Lip Stick Fashion Color Changing Rose Red Lip Balm No Fading
Brand: HengFang, Magic Colour Lipstick

  • I actually like this one a lot too. Very moisturizing and smells pleasantly fruity. Leaves a nice nice tint to your lips. Approved.

BPS: Fruit Flavor Lip Gloss Color Changing Moisturizing Long Lasting Lip Stick Portable (in 05)
Brand: Nebli, Peri’s Tint Jelly ( in 5 Blueberry Lipstick)

  • Awesome packaging, despite it being a blatant copy of PeriPera. Not quite as moisturizing compared to the other one, but the smell is what throws me. It’s quite chemical-y. And they barely tried to mask it with some fruit scent. It’s not that pleasant. Past that, it tints in a similar manner. It’s not terrible, just have to get past the smell., finally done. Lord, this entire post took forever (both taking and editing photos and writing up these blurbs). Hope it was interesting, especially since people don’t talk about the cosmetics side of BornPrettyStore.

Disclaimer: Yes, certain Asian cosmetics are sketchy in terms of loose regulations and what really goes into the products.So, here I am, attempting to not being too ignorant and telling you that there can be a risk. But, for the most part, these products I purchased do have their own brands [despite how much they may copy another] and that they aren’t those secret counterfeit makers [cough fake Naked palettes and m.a.c cosmetics] that are tucked away from the regulator’s eyes.

okie dokie
Much love,
Nadine, T.M.E

ps: proof reading will happen tomorrow…or someday. Just.not.nooooooooooww. sleep. snoore. ifdsjf.


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