Skincare and Makeup Products I’ve Changed My Mind About

IMG_0605First impressions aren’t always reliable. Sometimes you change your mind for the better or for the worse. Here are some products that I’ve changed my mind about!

Warning: Pictures of messy but lovingly used products ahead. All right, let’s get started!

For the Worse…

1) Innisfree’s Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask


  • Yikes, this is a little taboo because a lot of people swear by this …but hey, my blog, my opinion
  • First impression: It’s a clay mask, it’s helping with my oily, acne-prone skin!
  • Realization: It’s not helping that much compared to other clay masks. It’s thick and hard to wash off.

2) Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer (in Reserve Your Cabana)


  • Again, another popular product…
  • First impression: Woot, I’m using a powder highlight for the first time and I look awesome.
  • Realization: This doesn’t show up on me much, being pale as I am. I got more highlighting goodness from other powder highlights. This is a good product, just not for me.

3) Maybelline Color Tattoos by Eyestudio


  • Another cult favourite, I’m on a roll.
  • First impression: A cream eyeshadow that doesn’t crease and lasts long! Hallelujah! Look at that pigment!
  • Realization: Super hard to work with, because it’s really not that creamy. Pigment is hard to build evenly. Dries out easily.

4) Urban Decay Naked (1&2) Eyeshadow Palettes


  • Cause why not bash what’s probably the most bought eyeshadow palette out there?
  • First impression: Look at the selection of wearable colours! Travelling has never been easier!
  • Realization: Quality isn’t up to par. Pigmentation and texture vary wildly between shades. Probably way better neutral eyeshadow palettes out there, and for cheaper.

5) Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters


  • Remember when these were the shiz? Yeah, me too.
  • First impression: OMG, super creamy! The pigmentation, omg take my money Revlon.
  • Realization: Has one of the worst staying powers out there. So, question is: is it worth it to wear a super creamy and super pigmented lip product if it just doesn’t last? For me, it’s not.

For the Better…

1) Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX


  • A Korean cult classic~
  • First impression: I didn’t notice any differences. Wth, did my money go down the drain?
  • Realization: After using the right moisturizer, I now see this product as something like a barrier. It’s a wall that prevents my pillow case from eating my facial moisturizer, while also helping said moisturizer absorb into my skin.

2) Freeman Feeling Beautiful Pineapple Enzyme Mask


  • I loooooove Freeman Feeling Beautiful masks. So cheap, so much product and just awesome!
  • First impression: This feels weird to apply. I don’t feel or see a difference. Pout.
  • Realization: Perfect to use when I want to clean up my skin without drying it out too much (which my many clay masks do) The more you use it, the more effective!

3) Innisfree Mineral Color Primer


  • This won an award, so my hopes were pretty high.
  • First impression: What the heck, this is barely tinted and barely cancels my redness. Why is it so dewy?
  • Realization: I used to be a matte finish girl, now I’m all about some dew. This primer may not cancel out redness well, but it does help bring dewiness and brightness to dull skin.

4) elf Studio HD Mattifying Cream Foundation


  • This has mixed reviews, and I understand why.
  • First impression: How the heck is this mattifying? No.Way.No.How. So dewy and it creases like crazy!
  • Realization: The coverage of this stuff is pretty amazing. As for the dewiness, there’s a trick. Let this foundation sit for a few minutes, take a tissue and blot off the excess foundation and moisture. This gets rid of most creasing and brings this foundation to a satin finish. Then, set with powder and you’re good to go.

5) elf Flawless Finish Foundation


  • An underdog, I swear.
  • First impression: Ugh, this is too dewy. My oily skin does not like.
  • Realization: Coverage, again, is pretty good. I first tried this foundation when I was all about the matte look, so I, of course, did not like the finish of this foundation. However, I like it now. Also, my oily skin isn’t as bad as it used to be so the not-so-fab oil control isn’t an issue anymore.

6) Revlon ColorStay Whipped Crème Makeup


  • Youtube made me buy it, and now I’m glad I did.
  • First impression: oh yikes, what a weird texture. This is hard to apply. Oh, yikes patchy.
  • Realization: This is a gets-better-as-it-goes foundation. I still find this will look patchy no matter what I do for the first hour. However, it somehow melts into the skin beautifully and lasts forever. So, yup. I like.

7) Garnier Skin Renew Anti Dark Circle Eye Roller


  • I’ve heard mixed reviews on this guy too, again I understand why.
  • First impression: Okay, let’s put this on under the eye, and time to ble– ..Well, that came right off and hid absolutely nothing.
  • Realization: This baby needs a lot of time to set before you blend it in. Like, a lot of time. But, once it’s set, it’s very effective at brightening and hiding my dark circles. The colour Light even works for my very fair skin.

8) elf Clarifying Pressed Powder


  • A very much under the radar product.
  • First impression: Whelp, this is way too yellow and drying to use on my face…
  • Realization: Spot-powdering! I love setting my under eye with this, due to it being more on the yellow side. And because it’s a very mattifying/drying powder, I spot powder the oiliness parts of my face as well (ie: around the nose, chin etc)

9) Benefit they’re Real! Mascara


  • Another long time favourite of the beauty community
  • First impression: Oh gosh, liquid-y. Oh gosh, messy. Oh gosh oh gosh.
  • Realization: It is a little hard to work with, due to it being so wet and the wand being weirdly shaped. But the formula is amazing! I’m very used to smudging happening under my eye and my curl flattening, but not with this guy!

10) Cover Girl Clump Crusher Mascara


  • Lash Blast mascara line, what else can I say?
  • First impression: This does not wow me at all. Sigh. Yawn.
  • Realization: This is the perfect, fool proof, “I’m in a major hurry” mascara. It’s hard to mess up with this guy and the formula is pretty damn good too. Doesn’t hold curl all that well, but it doesn’t smudge under my eyes!

11) elf Baked Blush (in Rich Rose)


  •  elf Blushes, they’re pretty much fool proof.
  • First impression: I actually recorded my first impression on my blog haha. I said “Very shimmery, not as pigmented as other elf blushes, meh”
  • Realization: I was using this ALL WRONG. Swirl with kabuki brush, blend under-ish my cheekbones and drool at result. The shimmer isn’t too much, the colour is the perfect blush meets bronze shade and it goes well with my skintone. Lovely~

All right, all done! Yes, there are quite a few more of things I grew to like, but that’s probably because I don’t keep things I dislike around. Sorry guys ❤

Much love,
Nadine, T.M.E

ps: Yes why, I got a little lazy with this post. I have no excuse…


6 thoughts on “Skincare and Makeup Products I’ve Changed My Mind About

  1. I don’t own any of the Naked palettes and am glad. Too much shimmer IMO and I totally agree that it’s super easy to find affordable shimmer shadows out there (esp neutrals)! I’ll have to check out that elf foundation and freeman mask though! Great post, I love how you included stuff you now love and stuff you now dis-love, hehe 🙂

    • I wish I waited a little longer for the cheaper and good quality brands to catch up with the neutral trend (I believe you’ve mentioned Coastal Scents before, I’ve heard wonderful things about their Revealed palettes).
      I definitely recommend the flawless finish foundation over the cream; it’s easier to work with. As for the Freeman masks, you have to try them! Their clay masks are amazzzing.
      Thanks so much for your comment and I’m glad you liked the post! I get antsy when I write something negative about a product due to potential backlash. Then I remember I’m allowed to have an opinion and such lol.

      • Yessssss! The Revealed 2 is totally in my top 5. I don’t blame you one bit about feeling antsy, people get so defensive over stuff they like as if they were the ones who created it! But it’s all good 🙂 We’ve got a pretty supportive community on WordPress 🙂

  2. Great mini reviews! Glad to hear that the Revlon Whipped Creme Foundation worked out. It seems so interesting. I’ve been waiting for it to go on sale as it’s quite pricey in Canada.

    • Thanks 🙂
      I was so close to tossing it, but thankfully I had my little revelation. Agreed! It’s definitely one of the most expensive drugstore foundations. In my dreams, Revlon will not only lower the price but also ditch the stupid glass jar packaging. Ahh, what a world that would be.

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