Review: MeNow Generation II Long Lasting Lip Glosses

menow intro picThese are otherwise known as those 1-2$ matte liquid lipsticks from eBay or amazon or bornprettystore etc. You better believe that I decided to do me and write the most detailed review I could on them, along with testing out other reviewers’ tips. Be warned, a very image and gif heavy post ahead! 

Congrats, you made it! Now, let’s jump into it!

menow packaging 1

How to Get These Puppies?

  • Luckily for us, there are many online options out there. There’s eBay, amazon and Aliexpress, all of these usually offer free shipping. If you’re willing to pay a little more to get tracking, you can try bornprettystore.
  • Unluckily for us, most if not all of these online sources are located in China and shipping from China takes a heck of a long time. So, patience is very important! I had to wait 39 business days for mine to arrive in Canada.


  • When these were fresh out of the gates, they were closer to the 1$ range. However, now that they’re gaining popularity, the prices are going upwards cause sellers ain’t dumb. This especially applies to the more popular colours such as #18 and #33.
  • I paid for these in February and they ranged from the 1.20-1.80$CAN depending on the colour.

Colour Range?

  • There are 38 colours as far as I know, though most sellers just sell 36.
  • There is a pretty wide selection, but word is that there are also some duplicates within the range. I’m not going to bother researching which ones are doubles, so feel free to have fun with that.
  • They’re sorely lacking in darker colours and purples!
  • Most sellers seem to share the same swatch pictures, but if you’re looking for real life lip swatches, this youtuber, Dyna, did the main 36! Here’s links to her reds video, her pinks video, her corals video and her nudes video. Her actual review on these liquid lipsticks is within the pinks video.

But–Is This Product Poisonous to Us?!

  • Because this is coming from China, where some shady cosmetics can be made, I understand the caution many people have towards this and other Chinese cosmetics. HOWEVER,
  • According to what this reddit thread has found, the company that manufactures these “lip-glosses” do comply to US cosmetics regulations and that the FDA has only found fault in one type of eyeliner they make.
  • Within that same reddit thread, you can see the ingredients list which, according to another user, are all fine.
  • But if you don’t trust any of this, feel free to just leave these liquid lipsticks alone or do your own research.
  • Overall, I do believe these are safe.

Okay, intro is done. Onto the review section!


menow packaging 2

  • Pretty much no frills.
  • It’s small, light, functional and yeah. I like it, no complaints from me.
  • The doe foot applicator is great too.
  • One reviewer, I’m not sure who, mentioned the wand itself seems flimsy and prone to breaking. I agree it’s not as stiff as other wands, but I still think it’ll still take a heavy amount of pressure to either bend or snap it.
  • The label on the cap includes your colour number, which is pretty important if you like it. It also mentions the weight, the amount, when it was manufactured and the expiry date. Be warned, these labels feel like they may fall off easily!

The Smell?

  • Surprisingly not chemical-like, it’s more of a light fruity smell
  • I don’t find it too obnoxious but eh, my sniffer isn’t the strongest of my senses.


applying gif

  • Superrrrr easy to apply!
  • Their texture is very similar to that of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams– or for those without said lip creams, it’s almost like a very light mousse? Best description I can give really.
  • It dries relatively quick, but not so quick that you can’t smack your lips together for spreading purposes, as you can see from in the above gif.
  • I try to apply as thin of a layer as possible (because I heard it makes it less sticky but I did not see much of a different between one layer and two). Either way, the less I use the longer it’ll last 😉

Coverage and Finish? 

  • All but 1 of the 7 I received were fully pigmented and opaque with one thin layer! (#33 was the exception, 2 layers were needed for that one)
  • These dry to a true true TRUE matte. Yippee~

(Of course) How Does it Feel and Does it Transfer?

sticky but transfer proof gif

  • These guys are sticky (just like every other reviewer has said). But, truth be told they’re not the stickiest lip product I’ve dealt with (curses to you Revlon)
  • However, it’s not that noticeable as long as you don’t smack your lips too frequently. It’s not like you’ll be talking and awkwardly find your lips stuck together mid sentence.
  • They are transfer proof! Woot!
  • A lot of reviewers gave their tips on how to get rid of the stickiness, so more on those below!

Are They Drying?

  • Reviewers seem to be cut down the middle with this question. So, here’s my two cents:
  • I don’t think they are drying in the way that they suck moisture from my lips.
  • I think they feel very drying on the lips when I wear it. But, once I remove the product, my lips don’t feel quenched or anything (unlike some matte lip products out there).


  • Pretty dang long.
  • But, keep in mind what you’re putting close to your mouth and if it will break down the product (ie: greasy foods)
  • I’d say an estimate of 6-8 hours if you’re mindful.

Aren’t These Super Hard to Remove?

removal gif

  • According to the average methods, yes very much so. HOWEVER,
  • Do you have any type of oil kicking around somewhere? Like olive oil, baby oil, or in my case, jojoba oil? If you do, you’re all good to go.
  •  Oil breaks this sucker down real quick and easy. So no scrubbing or pain! (I’ve heard a few reviewers groaning over their lip swatches; if only they knew!)

Okay, okay! Show us the swatches already!
Well, fine! Here are the lip swatches and arm swatch for colours 02, 08, 18, 22, 28, 30 and 33! (I ain’t gonna bother describing the colours with words, kay? Kay.)

swatch for 2 and 8 swatch for 18 and 22 swatch for 28 and 30 swatch for 33 arm swatch

So, How Do These Compare to (insert matte liquid lipstick)?

  • I don’t own any other kinds of matte liquid lipsticks(besides the Revlon one, but no one talks about those and for a good reason)
  • As much as I wish I did have some… and one sole tear falls from my eye

Tips For Dealing with the Stickness? Let’s Test ’em Out!

  1. Put some translucent powder on top!
    • powder trick gif
    • Stickiness was completely gone and it was still transfer proof.
    • PASS!
  2. Put chapstick/lip balm/lip gloss under or over or both!
    • chapstick not transfer proof gif
    • Stickiness gone, yay! However, due to the oils within the chapsticks and etc, the lipstick broke down and the transfer-proof quality was compromised 😦 Depending on what’s more important to you, this could be a pass or fail. For me, I rather the stickiness, so…
    • FAIL!
  3. How about a lip liner underneath?
    • lipliner is better than chapstick
    • Stickiness had lessened a lot, but not completely gone. Transference wasn’t as bad as with the chapstick, probably because lip liners are more waxy than emollient soo. Uh. Um.
    • BOTH A PASS/FAIL! (what, yes of course i can do that)

Overall Conclusion?

  • Was it worth the wait? Would I recommend? Would I repurchase?
  • Yes, I would. But, my preferences are my preferences. I don’t mind the stickiness so much, or putting on some powder to get rid of it. I think half the people out there may find this product too tedious.
  • I just love the colours, the pigment, the finish, the lasting power and THE PRICE so much more than the cons listed above.
  • If you’re really worried, just buy one colour you really love and go from there. You can always buy more later!

YAY, I’ve been wanting so bad to do this review and now it’s done! Hope this offered some clarity to those who are unsure of this product!

Much love,
Nadine, T.M.E

ps: my dog kept me company again. so considerate, ain’t he? (not really, he just likes sleeping on my bed)



16 thoughts on “Review: MeNow Generation II Long Lasting Lip Glosses

    • I think, but i cannot proof it a 100% that they harmed badly my lips. I applied only twice and a day later i had a hole in my lip, similar to herpes but than again it wasnt. Looks more like a burning or a toxic reaction…..however i would be careful. I buy better an expensive organic product than a $1.

  1. thank you so so much for including that safety thing there
    cuz i was scouring the internet looking for exactly that information – i was worried it might have some toxic ingredients or something

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