Liebster Award + My Nominations


Woot, I got nominated for the Liebster Award, the award for lesser known blogs, by the gracious GeezKyraLouise! Many thanks to her! Feel free to click if you want to learn some tidbits about me and of blogs I think deserve the award as well 🙂

All right, here are the rules to the Liebster award:

Let’s get crackin on the second rule!

11 Questions

1. What is your favorite pizza topping?

  • Can I say supreme pizzas? If not let’s go for…ham?

2. What is one movie that changed your life?

  • Spirited Away (2001). Yes, a classic Ghibli Studio film. I saw when I was…what 11? and was blown away by its sheer weirdness. It was the gateway to the world outside the hollywood movies and other associated constructs. I started getting into manga, anime, kdramas and etc. Overall, my view of the world around definitely started changing due to this film.

3. If you could go shopping with anyone (living or deceased) who would they be?

  • My mom. Hands down. I was thinking about all the celebrities I would want to go shopping with and I just couldn’t imagine myself to be all that comfortable with anybody. Shopping with my mother is a blast though. We get along great, she’s supportive of my shopping choices (even if she doesn’t agree with some) and has a shopping energy reserve that is much bigger than mine.

4. What is your favorite time of day? Why?

  • Past 6pm, because I’m a night owl. I feel most awake and perky at this time. And, sometimes, it’s dinner time and food is marvelous.

5. Do you prefer taking photos or modeling in them?

  • Taking them.  I have more control over that. From my experience, I’m bad at taking directions from a photographer. It’s like their speaking another language at me,  I don’t get it, move incorrectly and frustration ensues.

6. If you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life what would it be?

  • Whaaat? Just one? I’ll probably change it later but, a longtime favourite of mine is Keep Your Head Up by Ben Howard (link to music video on youtube). It’s just a well rounded indie track with interesting lyrics.

7. What is your favorite thing to bake/cook?

8. What is your favorite kind or makeup (mascara, blush etc.)

  • UGHH, just one again? After a long internal debate, I’m going to say tinted lip balm. /drops mic

9. Which animal describes your personality/ If you were an animal which would it be?

  • Probably a red panda. Have you seen those things? Cute as heck. Also they look like they can have fun with anything and they’re serious about food. Here’s a compilation video of them.

10. Why did you start blogging?

One part because I love writing, other part is because I’m very passionate about makeup, skincare and the like. So, this was a perfect way to combine my two loves.

11. What do you hope to achieve throughout your blogging journey?

  • Pure enjoyment really. I enjoy writing my blogs and I also like how I can interact with others with the same interests!

That’s done now. Onto rule number three!

11 Random Facts

  1. I’m moderately to severely dairy intolerant. Basically means that I can’t process lactose and casein found in some (and common) milks. So milk, ice cream, cheese and yogurt are things I miss in my life regularly.
  2. I was born a red hair, due to some Irish great-grandmothers on both sides, but I grew into a brunette.
  3. I was francophone until I was moved into an English school at 4 years old and lost it all. My mother’s biggest regret, lemme tell you.
  4. I have social anxiety, it’s particularly more severe around men my age.
  5. I have never had a “real” boyfriend, and have never fallen in love.
  6. I write romance fiction occasionally. Irony is not lost on me.
  7. I started wearing makeup in 7th grade, but didn’t really get into an actual skincare routine until 12th grade.
  8. I once won the Most Religious award at my catholic elementary school graduation. However, this pissed off a lot of my classmates parents. Why? Because not only did I not go to church but I also was the only girl in the entire grade who refused to get Confirmed because, and I quote myself, “I don’t really feel religious enough”. I think I got it because my teachers liked me a lot and my grades weren’t stellar enough for an academic award.
  9. I want to teach English in South Korea as soon as I graduate. I love the culture and food and everything.
  10. My older brother is mentally disabled. He’s mildly autistic, primarily with Asperger’s syndrome and he also has ADD. When he was a child, he was more on the moderate spectrum (mostly in his own world, had a hard time paying attention and learning, used to talk to his hands). Thanks to a lot of people’s hard work, my brother has progressed so much. Now, you can’t really tell. Some mannerisms he has might be considered strange, sometimes he has a hard time understanding common social situations and he takes medication for his ADD. All his counselors say he’s the dream example they use when they have new parents with autistic children. I’ve learnt a lot from my brother and I’m grateful to have him in my life.
  11. My favourite colour is red. Cause ending with something simple sounds nice.

Okay, fourth rule…I’m bending that a little because I don’t have 11 blogs I follow (that I know are active and have under 200 followers).


  1. internetheartsbeauty
  2. aikolynn13
  3. mkuptime
  4. ciaociao808
  5. southkoreainternational

Sorry if you guys have been already nominated once or more already!

Fifth rule, I’ll get right on that after I post this….
Sixth and final rule, question time!

11 Questions for my Nominations:

  1. What’s your favourite food/cuisine (either a specific dish or general like Thai)?
  2. What’s your favourite makeup or skincare product?
  3. What’s the song you’re listening to at the moment?
  4. Summer or Winter and why?
  5. Where would you like to travel to the most?
  6. Why are you blogging?
  7. What’s your best blogging tip?
  8. Recommend something, it could be anything!
  9. What’s a funny event that happened in your life?
  10. What’s something you want to try out?
  11. What would your dream job be?

Okay, all done. Thanks again to GeezKyraLouise! I had a lot of fun filling this out!

Much love,
Nadine, T.M.E

ps: Thinking up questions is harder than I thought it would be…D:


3 thoughts on “Liebster Award + My Nominations

  1. Those are really great answers! Thank you for the nomination. I’m really honoured! 🙂
    I’ll get back to it some time this weekend.

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