My March 2015 Favourites!

all mar favs

This will be my first monthly favourites post ever, ain’t that exciting? This is mostly composed of new items I bought and rediscovered loves for the month of March. Shall we have a look?

1. up & up’s Daily Moisturizing Serum

daily moisturizing serum

  • A beautiful moisturizer/serum to use under your makeup, your skin feels soooo smooth
  • Maybe not moisturizing enough for those with dry skin though.
  • OF course, Target decides to turn tail in Canada once I found this beauty. Sigh.
  • Olay’s Regenerist Regeneration Serum is very similar to this, but more expensive with their inclusion of anti-aging ingredients.

2.  L’Oréal’s True Match (N2) + e.l.f’s Flawless Finish Foundation (Porcelain)

true match and elf foundations

  • I have been loving this foundation combo.
  • Together, they give me the perfect colour match, high coverage, and slightly dewy finish.
  • ANND, the airless pump was purchased from ebay. Cause everyone hates the pumpless foundation packaging True Match has.

3. KleanColor’s Beauty Blending Sponge

klean colours sponge

  • My dog ate about three Real Techniques facial sponges, so I gave up on those for a while. One day, I stumbled upon this guy and decided to give him a shot. (and if my dog did decide to eat this one too, it wouldn’t make my wallet cry)
  • Admittedly, this sponge isn’t quite as good as the Real Techniques sponge, BUT that’s mostly due to its shape. It’s a little harder to get into the tiny crevices of your eye’s inner corner and around the nostrils.
  • Besides that, it applies foundation in a lovely manner and I would say give him a chance.

4. eBay’s unbranded 10 Colors Blush Paletteebay blushes

  • eBay’s a hit or miss place to buy cosmetics, however I definitely lucked out for this blush palette.
  • I’ve had this for a while, but I found myself reaching for it this past month due to it’s awesome pigmentation and bright spring-like colours.
  • People always talk about what’s really in eBay’s mysterious cosmetics products, but I’m staying on the ignorance is bliss side of things >>

5.  Wet n Wild’s Color Icon Eyeshadow Collecton (in Comfort Zone)wetnwild comfort zone

  • Again, something I’ve had in my collection for a while, but I found myself reaching  very frequently for it this month. Especially the left size of the palette.
  • Most beauty bloggers and their mothers know that Wet n Wild’s Eyeshadow Trios and Eyeshadow Collections (the 8 pan one like Comfort Zone above) are the best drugstore eyeshadows the world has to offer.
  • They’re deliciously pigmented to the max and super soft and creamy and UGH. BUY THIS.

6. Still Spa Essential’s 006 Eyeshadow Blender Brush 

still blending brush

  • While shopping with a friend, I found this random brush brand and was curious about the blending brush. After some mild persuasion from said friend, I bought it.
  • I’m thinking this brush might only be available in Canadian Walmarts because I couldn’t find much about them online and they have french translations on the handle (Détente essentiels pour le spa, 006 Mélangeur pour ombre à paupières)
  • It’s quite nice as a brush, no shedding and quite soft
  • I wish it was a little more malleable but nonetheless, it does its job!
  • So you guys can get a better idea about the shape

    So you guys can get a better idea about its shape

7. Almay’s One Coat Triple Effect Mascara

almay one coat mascara

  • This is the mascara I’ve been going back to ever since I started putting on makeup (cough, beginning of 7th grade)
  • It thickens and lengthens both my top and bottom lashes very well, and I really like the dry formula of it.
  • I only wish it held my curl better.

8. L’Oréal’s Brow Stylist Plumper (in Medium to Dark)

loreal brow plumper

  • Pretty sure this is on everyone’s favourite list, but that doesn’t mean it should be without mention.
  • Awesome brow product, keeps the hairs in place while thickening and darkening them just right.
  • rave rave rave rave.

9. Almay’s Smart Shade Lip Butters

1. #40 Red Light | 2. #60 Pink Light-Medium | 3. #110 Berry Medium | 4. #120 Nude Light-Medium

1. #40 Red Light | 2. #60 Pink Light/Medium | 3. #120 Red Medium | 4. #110 Nude Medium

  • I loooooove these.
  • These are super buttery, with an appropriate amount of colour. A chapped lips’ dream.
  • I actually prefers these to Revlon’s Lip Butters. The texture isn’t as slippery, the pigmentation isn’t so strong that you need a mirror to make sure you stay within your lip lines, and the lasting power is pretty good too. I kind of want the entire collection…

10. Etude House’s Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk (in JOR203)

etude house jelly talks

  • It’s hard to tell from the swatch, but this is a perfect coral/pink colour for spring.
  • It hides chapped lips well, but the moisturizing feel doesn’t last all that long.
  • Nonetheless, I love this and hold it dear.

11. LA Girl’s Glazed Lip Paints (in Hot Mess)

la girl glazed orange

  • It’s hard to find a very orange lip product with a drugstore price tag. Sigh. BUT, luckily there is this lip paint…which is really very orange despite what the swatch looks like.
  • It’s a pretty daring colour for the average folk, but I personally love bold&bright lips for spring. Also, considering I do have a yellow undertone, I think this colour is very flattering.
  • This might be the closest thing to a lip gloss that I like. The pigment is out of this world and it is a little sticky, but it dulls over time.

Okay, all done for today. Hope you liked it~

Much love,
Nadine, T.M.E

ps: Here’s my dog. Cause I don’t showcase the loveable troublemaker enough.

My dog Tienan, AKA, the facial sponge eater

My dog Tienan, AKA, the facial sponge eater

pss: there seemed to be a glitch with wordpress, so this post is technically a repost…


8 thoughts on “My March 2015 Favourites!

  1. Awe your dog is so cute! Be careful buying makeup on ebay esp if it’s outside of the US. Many ebay sellers sale makeup with crazy high amounts of chemicals and toxisities that would never be allowed in US stores! I hear coastal scents has really good and affordable palettes 🙂

    • Thank you!
      Yup, I’ve definitely heard of dangers of eBay makeup. Either way, I still decided to take my chances and all I can say is that I like the blush palette and I haven’t had any ill reactions.
      I’ve heard the same thing about Coastal Scents and will probably try out some of their products in the future ^^

  2. wow I loved reading that! esp the part about your dog hahahaha… great post, I have a lot to learn from you as a beginner myself. hope that we can support each other! x

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