Dark Lip Colour Try-On!

opening dark lip

So what if dark lipsticks are officially “out of season”? I ain’t stashing them away yet! And since I recently added onto my collection, I thought why don’t I try them all on for the world to see?

To begin, 3/8 of the lip products I’m going to show you aren’t lipsticks. FYI. Also, because I don’t have that much money to throw around, all these lip products are less than 10$CAN. Pretty crazy, right?

Now, shall we start (in no particular order)?

1) Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick in Sultry Sable


  • Wanna try wearing a dark lip? This is a pretty decent gateway colour.
  • Pigmentation is okay, needs a few swipes for fuller opacity.
  • Texture is pleasantly creamy without feeling greasy.

2) NYX’s Butter Lipstick in Licorice

nyx butter

  • I was expecting something similar to Maybelline’s Color Whispers or Baby Lips. Well, nope. This is comparable to Revlon Lip Butters.
  • Pretty awesome pigmentation really.
  • Creamy, yes but not quite super hydrating.

3) NYX’s Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Bruised

nyx bruised

  • Literally, one of the closest lip colours to black.
  • Pigment is great but…
  • The texture is greasy and thin, so the great pigmentation settles into fine lines and sometimes it’ll look splotchy.

4) L.A. Girl Luxury Creme Lip Color in Be Mine

lagirl be mine

  • This colour reminds me of the Salem Velvetine by Lime Crime, because it’s a dark brown colour with hints of red. I ain’t saying it’s a dupe or anything, it just reminds me of it.
  • AMAZING pigmentation. One swipe is all that is needed.
  • SUPER creamy. Wonderful lipstick!
  • (However, these lipsticks do have distinct fake floral smell which bothers a lot of people…though, it doesn’t really bother me)

5) L.A. Girl’s Luxury Creme Lip Color in Inspirational

lagirl other color

  • Basically the same info as the lipstick above. But, gosh, this colour is so pretty.

6) J.cats Beauty’s Wonder Lip Paint in Red Potionwonder paint jcats

  • These lip paints definitely need a lip brush and patience to apply.
  • Very little is needed to cover the lip, but the texture/pigment combo makes it a little hard to even out the coverage. Nonetheless, the product of your hard work is wonderful.

7) L.A. Girl’s Glazed Lip Paint in Tempt

lagirl glazed tempt

  • This is SO hard to work with!
  • It’s impossible for me to use without a lip brush, like, how do others do it?
  • Up close, the coverage is never even, and it settles into fine lines easily.
  • It feels great, and leaves a lovely stain on the lips though.
  • Overall, I probably would warn people to stay away from this particular colour in the glazed lip paints.

8) Maybelline’s Color Sensational Color Elixir in Caviar Couture


  • It looks pretty scary in the tube, but applied on the lips, it’s much more subdued.
  • Can be a little hard to even out coverage, but doable
  • Feels amazing on the lips! Not too sticky or anything like that!
  • Another dark-ish lip product for people looking for a gateway.

Now for swatch comparison!

swatch comparison

From left to right (by lipstick colour name): Sultry Sable, Licorice, Bruised, Be Mine, Inspiration, Red Potion, Tempt & Caviar Couture.

Wearing L.A. Girl's Glazed Lip Paint in Tempt

Wearing L.A. Girl’s Glazed Lip Paint in Tempt

FYI, these pictures were taken in natural lighting… on a rainy day. What does that mean? It means a lot of the pictures are really cool-toned (ie: bluer) and not completely accurate or true to colour. I tried warming them up using a very basic photo editor, but that can only do so much.

Okie dokie, I believe I’m done here.

Much love,
Nadine, T.M.E

ps: Looking at the pictures now, these colours don’t seem so dark baha. Oh well, most of these were the darkest available in their respective lines.


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