Mini Drugstore Haul + First Impressions

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The cosmetics section in Walmart is my wallet’s worst enemy. Something new? You better believe I want to buy it. So, to make my conscience feel better, I’m going to make this shopping trip more productive and offer some first impressions on what I picked up!

Not much else to say besides: Let’s begin (in no particular order)!

1) Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Spot Concealer + Treatment (in 210 Fair)


  • This is the only item in the entire stock that I have used before. I could sing praises about this concealer, but I’ll just sum it up with saying this is my HG concealer and it is amazing in every way.

2) NYC’s Expert Last Lip Color Matte (in 452 Red Suede)

nyc expert last lip color

  • The “satin matte” was what attracted me to this lip stick, because what the heck does that mean? After trying it out, I do like the formula, though it’s for sure not the most pigmented I’ve seen from the drugstore.  BUT, the biggest kicker is that it’s not matte at all. It’s a regular old ‘shine’ finish. Swatch doesn’t really showcase that, but yeah. Pictures can only do so much.

3) Revlon’s ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick (in Premium Plum)

liquid lipstick

  • This was the biggest disappointment. I saw liquid lipstick and got swayed ugh. First off, where the heck is the pigment? Isn’t that swatch pitiful? Second, admittedly it doesn’t look half bad on my lips. Third, sticky sticky sticky. It feels very unpleasant to wear without lip balm on top of it.To sum it up, you’re getting a sticky one of those dual liquid-lipstick-plus-lip-balms things without the lip balm and pigment. Just. Ugh 😦

4) Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Mascara (Waterproof in Very Black)

lash sensational

  • I needed a new waterproof mascara. This one was pretty cheap and had an interesting brush, so yeah. I do like this from my first impression, but more testing is needed. It doesn’t clump and seperates wonderfully. Not the most volumizing, but I don’t usually like mascaras labeled as such anyhow. Doing my bottom lashes was a bit of a messy, but I think I just need to get used to the shape of the wand. The formula seems okay, no major smudging or flaking.

5) Hard Candy’s Glamoglauge Foundation (in 932 [Ivory?])

glamoflage foundation

  • FYI, let it be known that Hard Candy’s foundations/concealers run pretty damn light. I’m pretty pale and this second lightest shade is too pale for me. Which rarely happens. Anyhow, first impressions? Not so good. I tried applying with a flat top brush and with my fingers, both methods did not help this almost-greasy-feeling foundation blend. Coverage was pretty good, higher medium. However, this accentuates dry spots like no tomorrow, though I suppose that might happen with a liquid-to-powder foundation. Also, this foundation doesn’t really set…it remains tacky and not at all powder-like. Overall, will try again with hydrating primer and a sponge to apply. If that fails, it will work well to mix with any dark foundations I have on hand (like my beloved e.l.f’s Flawless Finish Foundation)

6. NYC’s Smooch Proof Liquid Lip Stain ( in 400 On Everyone’s Lips)liquid lip stain

  • FYI, the colours on these tubes are very misleading. South Korea actually has a lot of liquid lip stains like this, though they’re just called lip tints. RIGHT THEN, first impression: I do like. Like the South Korean versions, apply a very thin layer at a time otherwise it will build up, get clumpy and look gross. I would say to do no more than two layers, but you can test that out yourself.  It does stain, but it easily wiped off with the help of my Bioderma. So yeah, I like and will continue to try it out.
    ps: The second swatch is after waiting 5 mins and then swiping a tissue across it a few times. Pretty good right?

7. L’Oréal’s Brow Stylist Brow Plumper (in Medium to Dark)

brow stylist thingy

  • Star of the bunch, with miles and miles between. I’ve been drooling after this since I knew it existed. I mean, finally a brow mascara with an appropriate brush (here’s looking at you Maybelline). My brows are pretty average in size and ain’t all that bushy, so sometimes a brow mascara just isn’t enough for my brow-filling needs. BUT, this product’s great on its own, and when paired with powder. It’s just. Awesome.

All right, all done!

Overall, a pretty disappointing haul. That’s what I get for going in without checking out reviews. Sigh.

Much love,
Nadine, T.M.E

ps: I saw this on the mascara and laughed. And then cringed because what sort of flammable chemicals am I putting so close to my eyes? Also, how did this get put on the tube? Don’t tell me someone lite their freshly mascara’d lashes on fire and sued.



7 thoughts on “Mini Drugstore Haul + First Impressions

  1. I am currently using Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Mascara (Waterproof in Very Black) as well, I like it a lot, but it’s so hard for me to take off, even with the proper makeup remover! My lashes are naturally stick straight but this mascara holds the curl throughout the day! It has begun to clump on me but it’s been a while so i’m not complaining 🙂

    • Oh really? I’ve only used it twice and don’t remember having a problem with removing it. Then again, sometimes I think I wash off all my mascara when I really didn’t lol. Oh gosh, hearing it holds the curl is wonderful since I have stick straight lashes too! I hope it doesn’t clump up on me too soon since you make it sound so promising!
      Thanks so much for the insightful comment ^^ Always good to hear what others have to say!!

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