Battle of Drugstore Favs: Revlon Colorstay VS L’Oreal True Match

opening image

BB Cream are great, but I decided to try my hand at the foundation game again. According to many online reviews, these two drugstore foundations seem to be the most popular. So, what more could I do but battle them against each other for your reading pleasure? Let the games begin!

Introduction of the contenders:

  1. Revlon’s ColorStay Foundation (for Normal/Dry Skin), in shade Buff
  2. L’Oreal’s True Match Foundation, in shade N2 Classic Ivory [would have gotten W2, but the colour was sold out in three places. So, I gave up and settled with this shade]

Conditions of battle:

  1. No primers
  2. No concealers
  3. No setting sprays
  4. Both were applied with a flat top Kabuki brush.
  5. Translucent powder with a puff was used to set, along with some blush and highlighting. (Cause I wasn’t up to running errands looking like a flat potato)


Top: True Match, Bottom: Colorstay

Top: True Match, Bottom: Colorstay

  • Shade Selection? True Match!
    • True Match has 23 shades versus ColorStay’s 12.
  • Quantity? Tie!
    • Both True Match and ColorStay have 1.0 fl.oz/30 ml of product.
  • Packaging? True Match!
    • Both, unfortunately, have clear glass packaging with no pumps. Ugh. However, True Match has a smaller and less bulky appearance. So, that’s enough for me to declare it the winner of this category.


DSC02342 DSC02349

(Left side: ColorStay,  right side: True Match)

  • Texture/Blendability: True Match!
    • True Match wins this because, although messier because it has a thinner consistency, it blends and melts into the skin better. ColorStay is more prone to streaking and needs a little more love and care.


DSC02346 DSC02344

(Left side: ColorStay, right side: True Match)

  • Buildability: True Match!
    • I definitely noticed that ColorStay has the tendency to cake up if you’re not careful. True Match, on the other hand, offers a very buildable coverage!
  • Coverage: Colorstay!
    • Colorstay wins this one, considering you would need double the amount of True Match to get close to the same coverage.
  • Finish: Tie!
    • Both of Color Stay and True Match have a very similar almost-matte finish.


DSC02370 DSC02387

DSC02369 DSC02383

(First pair of pictures: ColorStay, second pair of pictures: True Match)

  • Longevity: Colorstay!
    • Colorstay definitely wins this one. The pairs above are only five hours apart. And FYI, the coloration difference is mostly due to using flash in the later pictures, and not purely due to oxidation (it’s very minor with both foundations).
  • Oil Control: Colorstay!
    • It’s not a landslide win by any means, but Colorstay wins in the oil control. I saw more shine around my nose with the True Match side rather than the Colorstay.

Random Test Time!

  • Streak Test? True Match!

DSC02353 DSC02352

 (The left picture is ColorStay,  while the right is True Match.)

  • As seen in photos above and as mentioned before, ColorStay is a little more prone to streaking.
  • Oil content? True Match!
The left side is True Match while the right is Colorstay. Colorstay produced just a little more oil on the blotting sheet.

The left side is True Match while the right is ColorStay. ColorStay produced just a little more oil on the blotting sheet.

  • Crease Test? True Match!
Left eyelid is Colorstay and right eyelid is True match. As you can probably tell, the right eye has less creasing.

Left eyelid is ColorStay and right eyelid is True Match. As you can probably tell, the right eye has less creasing.

  • Tissue test? Tie!

DSC02362 DSC02361

(Left is ColorStay, right is True Match)

  • After giving the foundations five minutes to set, I took a tissue to see how much excess oil and foundation would be left. ColorStay had the slightest bit more residue on the tissue, but I wouldn’t consider that significant of a difference.

Battle Totals:

  • Color Stay: 3/13True Match: 7/13, WINNER!

    Ties: 3/13

My Overall Conclusion:

DSC02368 DSC02367

Despite True Match’s win, these foundations are actually quite similar to each other. I’ll say the biggest divides are the consistency and the coverage.

I would recommend Colorstay to: oilier skin types, those looking for higher coverage and longevity.

I would recommend True Match to: normal skin types, those who dislike heavier feeling foundations, without compromising too much coverage.

I would not recommend either to those who are: a very dry skin type. 

That’s all!

Much love,

Nadine, TME

Ps: Sorry for not captioning the pictures better. My laziness and wordpress’ formatting are to blame. /flees.


25 thoughts on “Battle of Drugstore Favs: Revlon Colorstay VS L’Oreal True Match

      • Hi Nadine, loved the review. In a but concerned since I wanted to purchase this product but have naturally dry skin. What foundation do u propose ? Let me know via email ! Thanks !

      • Soooo, I’m going to reply here and hope it gets sent to you:
        For those with drier skin types, I’m going to lean towards the True Match over the ColorStay. I feel like ColorStay clings to dry patches more than True Match does. If you’re looking for another dry-skin friendly alternative with good coverage, I highly recommend the e.l.f studio Flawless Foundation if you fall under the shade selection.

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    • Hey, sorry for super late reply buuuuut, with my skintone, I don’t find I have bad flashback with either, but I’m fairly pale and flashback isn’t that noticeable with majority of foundations with low or no SPF. I have a friend who uses True Match though and says she gets some flashback?

  2. Hi, great review, and super helpful both with your descriptions and the photos. Also, thanks for sharing that you used the elf cream blush in St Lucia as your blush in the pics. Take care!

    • Thanks so much, I’m glad this review was helpful! I know I debated on which to try first and ended up getting both lol:), but I also just wanted you to know I actually used the powder blush version, rather than the cream version, which is still just as lovely!

  3. hi nadine loved your review, was in serach of good performance drugstore foundation that can be good enough for ocassional application.
    my concern here is does loreal true match white cast in direct flash photography.. Urgh i just hate being Casper in pics plus i like to carry a no makeup look… but flash photography is a big time spoiler :/
    In need of your help!!

    • I’m glad you liked the review!
      As for the flash photography, I’m going to go with yes, it will have a BIT of a white cast. Is it the worst white cast ever seen? Not by a long shot. So, to conclude, it’s not the most obvious flash back, but it will make you look a little paler. My suggestion is to try it out for yourself and see how you like the results!

  4. Hey😊 this is the best foundation review that I have ever seen!! I was looking for turkish results but I came across to your blog 😁 it is amazing thanks again

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