Review: BBIA Pigment (in #01 Mild Taste)


Every heard of the Korean brand BBIA before? Well, neither did I before impulsively buying this little (and pretty affordable) guy. There’s not many reviews for these pigments, so I thought I’ll throw my two cents out there. Click for more info!

I suppose I’ll throw it out there that I have very little if any experience with pigments. I have received a few loose eyeshadows in the past, but don’t usually like using them because of the mess. Anyhow, let’s begin:

The Packaging?


  • Comes with only 1.8g of product for the 6$ I paid for it.
  • It’s simple and no frills, just how I like it.
  • You might think, hey maybe a sifter should be included. You see, the funny thing about this pigment is that it has a “thicker” texture that is very different from any other pigments I know of, so no, I don’t think a sifter would not be beneficial.

How to Use it?

showcasing gif

  • BBIA suggests that due to its “wet” formula, it’s best to apply with your fingers. And I wholeheartedly agree. It’s thicker and doesn’t stick to brushes all that well, so fingers are definitely the way to go.
  • However, the fall out of this stuff while applying is incredibly bad. So put it on before any other face makeup, unless you want glitter specks everywhere.
  • Overall, how I go about it is:
    1. Place folded tissue under my lower lid, to catch any fall out
    2. Stick a finger directly into pot and lightly press to get product
    3. Firmly press/pat product onto lid, going back into the pot for more product if needed
    4. Here’s a generalizing application gif (feat. a skin-has-broken-out-very-badly-me) for your entertainment:
      1. application gif
    5. And it takes me about 30-ish secs each eye to complete the process.

The Look?

DSC02286 DSC02293

  • It’s damn pretty, guys. And it better be because it takes a lot more effort than what I’m used to.
  • The shade #01 Mild taste is a very pretty neutral golden-beige colour
  • It’s not too glittery or sparkly, it’s just a very fine and very shimmery eye product. No gif or picture can give this product justice, really
  • Here’s a gif of me attempting to show it off
  • its shimmery

    I tried to show the shine, but it just isn’t the same

The Performance?

Awkward level: moderate

Awkward level: moderate

  • This pigment…it…it just needs some help.
  • On its own, it fades over time and can fall out onto your cheeks.
  • However, with a really good eyeshadow primer, the longevity of this product can be saved. I recently wore this + my Nyx HD eyeshadow primer for 15+ hours (omg don’t ask me why, it was a long day)  and when I went to wash my face I saw just a little fading and minimal shimmer fall out on my cheeks (I didn’t even notice that until I got a little close to the mirror).
  • So, I say it does pretttttyyy well, all things considering.


  • Yeahhh, why not? 
  • It’s really pretty and not terribly expensive, though a bit of a pain to apply and slightly messy.
  • Mostly, the only thing holding me back is that I don’t wear eyeshadow that much.
  • If this product interests you, BBIA offers 15 shades in total that mostly consists of beiges, browns, pinks and slight oranges.

All done~ Hope this was of interest!

Much love,
Nadine, T.M.E

ps: Man, I should do more reviews. They’re fun.


4 thoughts on “Review: BBIA Pigment (in #01 Mild Taste)

  1. A tip for applying these is to mix it with some clear mascara. That way, it’ll last longer and there would be less fall outs (:

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