Compare & Review: e.l.f Lipsticks

4 elf lipsticks
Hello everyone! Ever been curious how e.l.f’s lipsticks stack up against each other? Then go on and click. (Psst, there are even lip-application gifs inside!)

All right, you made it! So, as many may know, there are no ways to sample e.l.f lipsticks before purchasing (I think). After struggling to figure out which to pick among the pack, I eventually collected at least one lipstick from each collection. I noticed there were some differences to note, and thought, heck why not write ’em down in a post. This post will be more on a comparison platform than a review one, so the details may be lacking. But anyhow, let’s begin, shall we?

Essential Lipstick (in Posh)
essential lip

  • Stats: 3.5g, 1$ at e.l.f’s online shop.
  • Finish: Shiny.
  • Texture: Super creamy! My chapped lips are hidden away nicely. Biggest Pro!
  • Scent: Smells a little sweet; mildly fruity
  • Pigmentation: Is pretty much on point, not too much or too little. No discolorations from bitten and torn lips were seen (I am quite the lip biter).
  • Packaging: Absolutely TERRIBLE packaging. A struggle to twist the tube up and down. Biggest Con!
  • Longevity: …eh, it’s about average.
  • Application:
    essential lip clip

Studio Mineral Lipstick (in Beautiful Berry)mineral lipstick

  • Stats: 3.8g, 5$ at e.l.f’s online shop
  • Finish: Shiny
  • Texture: Very creamy, but not as much as the essential lipstick.
  • Scent: Smells…mineral-like? Slightly like clay?
  • Pigmentation: Weakest pigmentation in the bunch, took more swipes to get opaque color. But, it’s still not all that terrible either. Biggest Con!
  • Packaging: Simple packaging that does its job. Would like some sort of colour indication on the tube though.
  • Longevity: It’s average too.
  • Biggest Pro: The ingredients list looks pretty stellar, so some sensitive lips should be a-okay with the formulation! But then again, I ain’t a pro, so my words = grains of salt.
  • Application:
    mineral lip clip

Studio Moisturizing Lipstick (in Flirty and Fabulous)moisturizing lip

  •  Stats: 3.2g, 3$ at e.l.f’s online shop.
  • Finish: Shiny
  • Texture: Creamy, but surprisingly, it seems thinner than the others. Like, it has much more slip/slickness to it.
  • Scent: Smells like a milder version of old school lipsticks. That’s literally the best description my mind can give you.
  • Pigmentation: This lipstick is supppper pigmented, however, when paired with its slippery texture, the pigmentation settles into and accentuates fine lines very easily (basically a chapped lip’s worst nightmare). Biggest Con!
  • Packaging: I love love love love the packaging. So slick and professional. Does what its supposed to and all that. AND, I can see the colour at the bottom of the tube. Awesome. Biggest Pro!
  • Longevity: It’s probably the weakest of the bunch. Slips off pretty easily.
  • Application:
    moisturizing lip clip

Studio Matte Lipstick (in Rich Red)
matte lip

  • Stats: 1.8g, 3$ at e.l.f’s online shop.
  • Finish: It’s not-quite-all-the-way matte in finish. Biggest Con!
  • Texture: More than sufficiently creamy for a matte lipstick (which do have the tendency to drag).
  • Scent: No smell? I really can’t smell anything.
  • Pigmentation: AWESOME pigment. Yes. I like. Approved. The best of the bunch. Biggest Pro!
  • Packaging: I do like the packaging. A little longer to fill the lips, but with that intense pigmentation, that time and care is definitely needed. Strange pencil packaging is appreciated, easy to find in purse. Can’t say I use the sharpener…at all, but I do like how the colour is indicated on it!
  • Longevity: The best longevity, as expected. But, it’s not as good as other matte lipsticks.
  • Application:
    matte lip clip

Swatch Comparison!

swatch comparisons

1) Essential 2) Mineral 3) Moisturizing 4) Matte


  • Best texture/comfort: Essential!
  • Best pigmentation: Matte!
  • Best packaging: Moisturizing!
  • Best longevity: Matte!

Ranking of Preference:

  1. Studio Matte Lipstick – Love everything about this really. Wish there were more colours!
  2. Essential Lipstick – Like these a lot, so creammmy. And at that price…come on.
  3. Mineral Lipstick – Pigment may not be awesome, but I still do like these.
  4. Moisturizing Lipstick – This kind of texture-pigment combo is a pet peeve for me. The fine lines…it ain’t cute.

And that’s all! Hope this post was somewhat interesting.

With love,
Nadine, T.M.E

ps: Why yes, I’m aware that there may be some significant differences between shades in each line, but ehhh. I tried.
pss: god, formatting this was a nightmare.


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