My Favourite Korean Makeup Products!

According to my blog stats, a few of you are quite interested in Korean cosmetics. So, this post is hereby dedicated to you!

I’ve been into Korean skincare and cosmetics for quite a while now, however my collection of favourites is still quite minimal for two reasons: first, let it be known that I do not actually live in South Korea, so I only buy their stuff online maybe once or twice a year. Second, I don’t know why, but many Korean products are often discontinued or reformulated; it pains me to see how many Korean favourites of mine are no longer available!

With that outta the way, let’s begin~

Primers/Bases: Innisfree Mineral Primers (both the Color and No-Sebum variety)fav bases
Why Love? I like the color primer primarily for its dewiness. No, I don’t like a complete dewy face BUT this primer allows those ‘too-matte’ yet great coverage foundations a more natural appearance on the face (ex: powder foundations). The no-sebum primer is good for the opposite, have a foundation that’s a little too dewy? Try this primer out! It also controls oil well!

BB Creams: The Face Shop Waterproof BB, Lioele Triple the Solution, Dr.Jart Rejuvenating Silver Label
fav bb
Why Love Waterproof BB? Longevity! It looks fantastic A very nice satin finish as well!
Why Love Triple the Solution? High coverage! Great for those “oh my god, I have ten minutes to get to work!” days. Unlike some other BB creams, this actually has a realistic yellow undertone to it (cough cough not grey).
Why Love Rejuvenating Silver Label? It is literally like putting on second skin. Coverage, finish, longevity are all fantastic! A tad lighter than I would like, but workable! [Old packaging being depicted in photo]

Powder Pact: Skin79 Sun Protect Beblesh Pact BB
fav powder
Why Love? Overall, a great powder foundation that can also be used on top of BB/foundations with no problem. It’s actually a little too yellow for my skin tone, but when summer rolls around and I darken up a little, I can happily use this! Great longevity, finish and coverage for this guy (especially good at covering open scarring for other dermatillomaniacs out there)

Eyeshadow: The Face Shop The Lovely Meex Eyes Shimmer (in BR803)
fav eyeshadow
Why Love? Perfect all-over lid neutral shade! Absolutely fantastic pigmentation with appropriate shimmer. Swatch isn’t the good, but…Just. Ugh. Love.

Eyeliner: Missha M Real Lasting Pen Eyeliner & Innisfree Eco Penliner
fav eyeliners

Why Love Eco Penliner? A little thicker with the tip, which means less mistakes when doing a winged look but it’s not as black as the other eyeliner. Lasts a long time, even stains a little.
Why Love Real Lasting? Super black pigment, with the skinniest tip that makes tight lining super easy. It does last a long time as well.I just love pen/brush liners, okay?

Mascara: The Face Shop, Freshian Volumizing Mascara (01 Curling)
fav mascara

Why Love? I think mascara preferences are where people differ the most. But here’s what I look for in all mascaras: no-smudging, keeps my curl and not clumpy. And you bet this mascara does all that! And it’s so cheap. Yesss.

Lips Products: TonyMoly Cat Chu Wink Tint (in Orange ChaCha), Skinfood Tomato Jelly Tint, Etude House Dear My Jelly Lips (in JOR203)
fav lippies

Why Love Cat Chu Wink Tint? This liquid-y lip tint is like, wham bam pigmented and stains your lips like a boss. Smells orange-y too. And I have no idea how they do it, but it’s not drying. I have chapped lips pretty much all the time, yet this still looks great!
Why Love Tomato Jelly Tint? God. This is super jelly and moisturizing and lovely. It also does stain your lips. I think my favourite part is that it’s just so comfortable to wear. [Old packaging being depicted in photo, and colour name is missing!]
Why Love Dear My Jelly Lips? I’m way into tinted lip balms that are hanging off the edge of being a lipstick in terms of pigment. This tinted lip balm has a wack load of that and its super creamy with pretty good lasting power, all things considering. Plus, it smells like candy. Self control is needed so you do not bite the bullet off. Seriously.

Setting Spray: Skinfood Red Orange Makeup Finish (in Glossy)
fav spray

Why Love? Gasp, a dewy setting spray that actually works? How many dewy-fying setting sprays actually extend the wear of your BB/foundation? Cause this one does, and it smells like goshdarn oranges. Beautiful.

No favourites were chosen for the highlighter, brows, blush and bronzer categories simply because I actually haven’t tried any. I’m plain old content with what I got here in North America and rather spend my money on other types of Korean cosmetics. As for concealers, I’ve liked some but none have completely won me over.

All right all done! I’ll probably do a favourite Korean skincare post sometime in the future too, so stay tuned~

With love,
Nadine, T.M.E


3 thoughts on “My Favourite Korean Makeup Products!

  1. Innisfree products are really good! Haven’t tried those primers, but I’ve been using the BB cream from the same ‘no sebum’ line. It’s amazing! I already used up 3 tubes 🙂

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