Quickie Message: Back to Blogging!

Que the awkward smile?


I’m back from my unannounced hiatus. Heh, sorry? I’ve managed to get some time on my hands, so here I am to start the blog up again!

Thanks for waiting!


4 thoughts on “Quickie Message: Back to Blogging!

  1. I found your website a few days ago and it has helped me enormously with my scalp picking. I looked at photos of your beautiful face and am so inspired by you. How is it going? Are you still happy with progress or have you relapsed?

    • Wow, thanks so much for the kind words! I’m feeling pretty dandy actually, now that I have time to blog again ^^
      As for my progress, it’s a bit difficult to answer. I do believe I’ve relapsed, but I can confidently say I’m not picking as bad as I used to. It might not be a full recovery, but any progress is more than welcome.

      Thanks again and I wish you the best with your own picking!

  2. I don’t have twitter but I’d love to steal your idea for wp if you’re ok with it, maybe 30 days of putting my concealer-less face on show will shame me into not picking.

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