Huge Korean Skincare & Makeup Haul!

all together nowI adore Korean skincare and makeup, but haven’t really gotten a hold of any new items recently. So, ta-dah. Feel free to read more and find out what goodies I got!

So, this haul was brought to you by my lovely, but forgetful, mother. She came up to me recently and said; “Dear lovely daughter of mine whom I truly adore, don’t I owe you a birthday present?” And thus, her paypal account was stolen for this order.

Because I like the sound of my keyboard typing, I’m going to give a quickie explanation on why I bought each item.


ost serum

O.S.T, Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum

  •  I wanted either a vitamin E or vitamin C serum to help with scarring. People rave about this serum too, so yup.

its skin hyaluronic toner

It’s Skin, Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Toner

  • I like moisturizing toners in my morning skincare routine. I also prayed that this was a gel toner because they last twice as long. (& I discovered upon arrival that it is, in fact, a gel toner. Scoreee)

its skin ac serum

It’s Skin, Clinical Solution AC Serum

  •  I got the acnes. So, I’m always eager to try out anti-acne formulated serums and moisturizers.

mizon snail gel

Mizon, Snail Recovery Gel Cream

  • Summary: loads of raves about this product, cheap price and I actually have an interest in trying snail products.

sesalo hydra creamI

Sesalo, Hydra Moisture Cream

  • Wanted a heavier moisturizing cream. Thought this might fit the bill, and at its cheap price, I won’t be risking much. But what won me over was that droplets of liquid form on top of the skin when you blend the cream in. So cool!

tea tree spots

A’pieu, NonCo Tea Tree Spot Patchs

  • Dirt cheap (nearly 50 cents) and neat idea! My skin gets used to benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid too fast sooo yup, it would be awesome if these little buggers work.

innisfree no sebum primer

Innisfree, No-Sebum Mineral Primer

  • Wanted to try a primer that’s formulated for oily skin, considering it’s summer and my oiliness is due for a taming.

etude bb cotton

Etude House, Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit

  • Was a big fan of an older formulation of this BB cream, so thought I’d give this a shot, and this is supposed to have a matte finish (a rare thing among Korean BB creams, lemme tell you).

holika jelly bb

HolikaHolika, Aqua Petit Jelly BB

  • Absolutely loved Skinfood’s Red Orange Jelly BB, but it was discontinued. Boo. Thought I’d give this one a try. Let’s hope it’s just as awesome.

innisfree long wear cushion

Innisfree, Long Wear Cushion

  • I think BB/foundation cushions are pretty neat invention. I’ve tried Etude House’s BB cushion, and liked it well enough…but I desired a matte finish, longer wear and higher coverage. And this cushion apparently does all that! Woot!

nature republic green pact

Nature Republic, Green Tea Fresh Pure Pact

  • Have tried two other powder pacts and loved them. I kind of considered them to be like powder foundations. So, here I go, trying another one.

innisfree shadow pencil

Innisfree, Shadow Pencil (#6)

  • I typically have terrible luck with cream eyeshadows, especially those in crayons. But, I saw someone demo-ing this in a youtube video and thought, meh. Let’s go for it.

missha real penliner

Missha, Real Lasting Pen Eyeliner

  • I’ve tried a Korean pen eyeliner before (Innisfree’s Eco Penliner I think?) and loveeeddd it. So, I thought exploring another brands wouldn’t hurt. Plus, look. Shiny. Gold. So expensive looking. OhAh.

etude jelly lips

Etude House, Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips Talk (#JOR203)

  • Everyone who knows anything about Korean lip products has probably heard raves about this tinted lip balm thing (think Maybelline baby lips). So, there’s no doubt that I’m going to give this a shot

apieu lip tint

A’pieu, Kissable Tint Stick (OR01)

  • I’ve tried tint sticks before and they’re just awesome okay. The ones I’ve tried have been super moisturizing with a great wash of colour. This is one of the cheaper tint sticks I found, so yup. Here’s hoping I like it like the rest of ’em!

And that brings us to the end of this haul!
Let me know in the comments if there’s a certain product you want like to be reviewed!

Til next post,
Nadine, T.M.E

PS: Bought all of these from TesterKorea. It’s probably one of the most reasonable sites to buy Korean items. They also have a giant selections of samples that you can buy if you’re scared to blindly commit to those more expensive full size items. Anywho, they packaged my parcel very carefully with loads of bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Overall, very pleased and I will use them again.


9 thoughts on “Huge Korean Skincare & Makeup Haul!

  1. I have never tried korean skincare but found the post so intriguing! please check out my blog ❤ i have done a couple of makeup hauls and reviews lately but what i am most proud of is my skin bible series. it is designed to take you on a skincare journey through developing a skincare routine, understanding your skin type and knowing the science behind why you do what you do so you know what ingredients to check for. I even have an entire post dedicated to common skincare ingredients and what they do for your skin! let me know what you think as i am quite proud of it xox your local bohemian

  2. I love trying new makeup and skincare! I stopped by Seoul this summer and picked up a few things that I have fallen in love with! Thanks for hauling your goodies 🙂
    xx Cal

  3. I wanted to get the vitamin c serum, but wasn’t sure if it effectively whitens dark spots (sun spots). Let us know how you find it one day!

    • Hey there,
      I’m admittedly not the greatest person to ask about the serum because I stopped using it after two weeks. Reason being is it’s incredibly sticky and just an overall pain to use. I didn’t notice any difference in my skin while using it, though I guess that’s expected after only two weeks.
      Anyhow, sorry I couldn’t be of better help!

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