Second Week of #ProjectNoPick!

day 8 and 14Click to see the rest of this week’s photos!

All right! Back for week two! It’s been a turbulent week for me, and things happened to my skin accordingly.
For more information about #ProjectNoPick, feel free to click here or on the projectnopick tag at the end of this post.

Let’s get going, shall we? PS: Feel free to click on photos for a more up-close look. Twitch twitch.Β 

day 8

Day 8: Used an extractor tool. Never again. PS: Like my hot rollers?

day 9

Day 9: Skin still suffering some of my extractor abuse.

day 10

Day 10: Looking not too shabby!

day 11

Day 11: Stressful event happened, subconsciously picked at my face

day 12

Day 12: Quick recovery. Guess I didn’t pick as deep as usual. Progress!

day 13

Day 13: Pimples appeared due to my slacking on clay masks.

day 14

Day 14: Change of scenery, out walking my doggy.

Decided to add some captions, for whatever sake.

My overall thoughts this week:
I, overall, feel less ashamed of my scarring. I really do. I guess showcasing your face everyday can do that. Like, I’m still quite a few steps away from walking around in public bare faced, but I’m working my way there. I know scarring doesn’t look too bad in these photos, but lighting can be both deceiving and any dermatillomaniacs worst nightmare.
Have I stopped picking? Not completely, I admittedly pick at pimples and blackheads. BUT, here’s the thing I need to stress: I’m in control when I do decide to pickΒ and that makes all the difference. Whenever I decide to pick at a blemish or whatever, I give myself a set of rules and some of these rules are: leave pimples/blackheads be if they don’t pop at the slightest pressure, try your hardest not to break skin with your nails and etc. I haven’t bled from picking due to this change and I’m just so proud of that.
Subconscious picking of my face this week was an unwelcome surprise, but since I don’t subconsciously pick too much to begin with, I’m brushing it off for now.

Here’s a made-up face. Feel free to make comparisons:

Day 12 with freshly slapped on makeup!

Day 12 with freshly slapped on makeup!

‘Til next week,
Nadine, T.M.E


14 thoughts on “Second Week of #ProjectNoPick!

  1. I have never been ashamed of showing of my face. I never got the “I can’t walk to the mailbox without makeup”-thing. But again I’m not that bugged with things popping up all the time, it happens every now and than. But I still try to not pick them!
    It seemed like your skin got better as you didn’t pick! Good job! And I think you look amazing. You are brave for doing it! πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for baring all. I’ve been pretty open in my blog about my mental illness, and somehow my skin picking is one topic I’m not able to touch on. Well . . . as I’m sure you can understand, it comes with a fair amount more shame and stigma from people who just don’t get it. I’d like to try this “Project No Pick,” but not sure I’m quite prepared to take it on. How do you get through each day?

    • I truly wish I could give you some fool-proof answer. I guess, my desperation was what got me started, and once I did start, everything just got… easier. It’s become routine now. Get up, wash my face and take a photo. When I look at the photos day-by-day, I consider my improvements, my faults, along with what helped and hindered me. Breaking it down is such a way is what I think helps me best. I now understand my dermatillomania better than I ever did before, and as a result can better combat it.
      I wish you the best of luck with your own skin-picking. Should you feel prepared enough to try ProjectNoPick out, let me know! Even if you decide not to, we can always simply chat and support each other through our struggles!

  3. I didn’t exactly do this project along with you, but I did take some more photos of my face for this tumblr post/experiment with some skin-brightening products I’m trying (, and I know what you’re talking about — it’s like exposure therapy for people who don’t like the way they look — taking selfies and having to look at yourself more actually has made me accept the way I look more. Surprisingly, my reaction to your photos is the same as my reaction to my own photos: You look beautiful! I look beautiful! It’s not nearly as bad as we think! (And yes, lighting and photo quality has a lot to do with it but SO WHAT?!)

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