Another e.l.f Haul + First Impressions!

intro haul pic

So, e.l.f had a 50% off sale. I went on a spree. Need I say more?

Haul posts confuse me. I mean, I shouldn’t like looking at what other (and more fortunate) people get, but I do. However, I decided I’m going to flesh this haul post out by adding my hopefully brief first impressions of these 13 products. So, here it is in no particular order.

baked blush

Studio Baked Blush (Rich Rose)

  • Very shimmery
  • more peachy than expected
  • compared to other elf blushes, pigmentation is…meh


baked eyeshadow

Studio Baked Eyeshadow (Bronzed Beauty)

  • Flaky.
  • Finish is a mix of glitter and shimmer. Meh.
  • Quite a bit more yellow toned on the skin.
  • Pigmentation’s average.


clarifying powder

Essential Clarifying Pressed Powder (Ivory)

  • A repurchase for me 🙂
  • I spot powder with this; which means I take a swish of this on a small fluffy brush and pat my more oilier areas with it (around the nostrils and chin)
  • Because this is quite a bit more yellow toned than my skin tone, I like using this under my eyes. Also, my under-eyes are very very oily. Like smudge galore if I don’t use this stuff.
  • Wouldn’t recommend for all over face unless you’re really oily.


blush palette dark

Studio Blush Palette (Dark)

  • Guys, e.l.f studio blushes are amazing. This palette is no exception.
  • Pigmentation galore. Maybe too much for fair-skinned moi, but I am not afraid to exercise my buffering skills.
  • There’s a Light palette as well, but it like vanished from the site during the sale. Why e.l.f, whyy.
  • And did you see that huge mirror?
  • A++++++ Definitely recommend if you want to stick your toes in the e.l.f blush pool of wonder.


clear mascara thing

Essential Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara

  • I wanted to give clear brow gel a try, cause I’m too lazy to cut my longer brow hairs. Though, I will note I don’t have wild huge brows. Nonetheless a little assistance to keep them in place would be nice.
  • Sooo, I like this. A lot.
  • It stays all day
  • It doesn’t feel like its even there.
  • Easy to apply, and an appropriate amount of product is dispensed on the wand.
  • Won’t use the mascara end at all. Will probably switch the tubes when the time calls for it.
  • Want a clear brow gel? Why not give this bargain a shot.


concealer brush

Essential Concealer Brush

  • I don’t know why, but I was expecting a bigger brush
  • Um. Well
  • It still works?
  • Can’t say much about this guy really.


eyebrow kit light

Studio Eyebrow Kit (Light)

  • Another repurchase~
  • Love this guy. Perfect for my brows.
  • The wax + powder combo is great for me. Not too dark and not too…unnoticeable.
  • And look at that, a mirror
  • And look at THAT, an applicator that is actually functional.


lip balm spf

Studio Lip Balm SPF 15 (Peach)

  • Biggest disappointment in the bunch
  • Very thin consistency, too thin for the amount of pigment in there (this mean it makes every crack in your lip become waaay more obvious)
  • Not that moisturizing really.
  • Don’t like. Do not recommend.


max cover concealer

Studio Maximum Coverage Concealer (Porcelain)

  • One more repurchase item~
  • This is my go-to touch-up concealer.
  • I favour other concealers for the first…um makeup application, due to needs for better coverage or longevity.
  • But, if I need a touch up, this concealer is thick enough to cover and thin enough to blend with whatever tone my skin is at the time. Cause all our foundations aren’t exactly spot-on for colour, are they?
  • The finish is very skin-like too, not too matte or too dewy.
  • Maximum coverage? No way. Medium, I’d say.


mineral pressed blush

Mineral Pressed Mineral Blush (Wanderlust)

  • Frown face
  • Cause the site makes this blush look way more purple-ish.
  • Anyhow, these mineral blushes are amazing as well. Have tried two other colours.
  • Great pigment, maybe need to sheer out for fair-skinned gals.
  • No frills packaging. I do like.


moisture lipstick

Studio Moisturizing Lipstick (Flirty and Fabulous)

  • This is nice.
  • I mean, it’s no Revlon lip butter is terms of moisture but yah know
  • Great colour pay-off, very smooth.
  • Lasts not too bad, but I feel like it does dry out a little.
  • Colour is like, barbie hot pink but I will try to wear this on my more confident and adventurous days.


smudge pot

Essential Smudge Pot (Back to Basics)

  • Star of the bunch, hands down.
  • Move over Maybelline Eye Colour Tattoos, you got serious competition
  • No seriously guys, this smudge pot here is awesome
  • The shimmer is on mark. It’s not chucky or glittery or anything like that. It’s a beaut.
  • A light creamy texture, very easy to apply. (I find the colour tattoos to be a little too thick)
  • They were so light in texture, I worried that creasing was gonna happen…but NOPE it dries and boom. No creasing in sight.
  • Love these, give them all to me.


tone correcting powder

Studio Tone Correcting Powder (Cool)

  • I’ve heard good things about this powder, so I caved.
  • I’m not a huge fan of it. It’s like, really matte. But that does fade away with wear.
  • I don’t really see anything special about it. I tried spot-powdering with the different colours too but meh.
  • It’s not bad per say, it’s just not great either.

All done. Wow, long post. Oh well, I acknowledge that I do get carried away sometimes (read: most of the time).

Much love,
Nadine, T.M.E


6 thoughts on “Another e.l.f Haul + First Impressions!

  1. This caught my attention so I gave it a read – Im in the UK so I dont get all of these products you guys do over in (im assuming) the USA. but of the ones I do get I agree with your reviews on them all, with sadly the exception of the powder, it caked on my skin but I might try it just on my oil prone areas as you have to see how I do with it 🙂
    PS I love the amount of personality thats gone into your post ^-^

    • First off, many thanks for giving this post a shot ^^
      Second off, the powder certainly is cakey all over. The spot powdering thing was me trying to salvage the product and whelp, it worked out. I would warn you to be careful if you use it under your eyes, I know I can easily over-apply under there >> Either way, I hope the spot-powdering works for you 🙂
      And I’m actually so glad you think/like that there’s some personality in my post.
      Thanks again!

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