July 2014 Topbox Unboxing!

topbox july 2014 intro

Here’s hoping that we have a better Topbox this month.

So, last month’s box left me wanting more. But bad and good months are bound to happen, so we gon’ deal.

all together now

index card july 2014

At first glance, I’m PUMPED. I see recognizable brands. Woot. But, let’s have a closer look. As usual, least favourite sample to most. Cause who want to end things on a disappointed note.

L.A Splash’s Nail Splash in Foolish

nail polish-again

  • Index card states: “Nail Splash is formulated to be quick drying and long lasting. Apply 2 coats for gorgeous nails. $7.50 each. Available at lasplashcosmetics.com”
  • guys
  • GUYS
  • Are they doing this just to spite me?
  • ANOTHER NAIL POLISH. This might be the….5th in a row? 6th?
  • I don’t want anymore nail polishes. Is there an opt-out option? I’m thinking of emailing Topbox and asking for no nail polishes for next month. Is that too much? No, seriously, give me your thoughts.
  • The colour is a nice pinkish red though, great for the summer season. Though I got a similar colour about…two boxes? back from another brand.
  • so, yeah, a friend of mine has already been given this.

B. Kamins Laboratories’ BioMaple Acne Wash

acne wash

  • Index card states: “Use as needed to keep the face clean and clear of acne. Apply to wet skin, massage, and rinse with water. 180ml $38. Available at Murale and http://www.bkamins.com”
  • Whelp, I do have acne
  • And I do like using cleanser
  • BUT, I see the acne fighting component is 2% salicylic acid. Boo, that stuff only supposedly works if given time to stay on your skin, like a cream or primer even. So, this cleanser might not really help with acne as well as one might think.

philosophy’s miracle worker miraculous anti-aging lactic acid cleanser and mask

miracle worker cleanser mask

  • Index card states: “ageless skin begins with a miraculous cleanser. miracle work miraculous anti-aging lactic acid cleanser & mask gently exfoliates with lactic acid as it completely cleanses and conditions for more radiant, youthful-looking skin. 236mL $36. Available at Sephora and philosophy.com”
  • was this long lapslock name really necessary? That was a lot of typing.
  • Anyhow, I know philosphy~ I haven’t tried many of their products, so this is nice 🙂
  • This product contains AHA, and the box actually warns you that it makes you more prone to sun damage, and to be sure to protect your skin after use or avoid the sun (go on, philosophy is giving you an excuse to lock yourself in your home).
  • Interesting product~ I’m not sure how awesome of a cleanser it’ll be because I don’t imagine AHA works great as a cleanser, like salicylic acid. But it might be a good mask!

theBalm’s INSTAIN Long-Wearing Powder Staining Blush in Swiss Dot

instain blush

  • Index card states: “theBalm’s long-wearing, staining powder blush is a fashion must have! With six shades for all seasons and skin tones, it will give your cheeks color that won’t quit. 6.5g $23.50 Available at Rexall, and thebalm.com”
  • omgomgomg, so excited.
  • This packaging is adorkable. So cute.
  • I’ve heard wonderful things about this blush! Like the long-wearing claims are actually true? Gasp!
  • However, this sample is pretty tiny. Did they want me to apply the blush with an eyeshadow brush?
  • Coral-ish colour. I love corals. YES.

And that’s all for this month’s Topbox. Pretty impressed (with the horrid nail polish aside)!

Much love,
Nadine, T.M.E

ps: So, my curious dog rested his head on my shoulder and became an active participant in opening this Topbox. Maybe he’ll be the new Topbox lover extraordinaire?

curious dog


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