Topbox June 2014 Unboxing!

topbox openerThis post is a little late, I know, but better late than never! Here we (finally) go!

I actually received this month’s box the day I left for camping with some buddies of mine and then didn’t even have time to open the box, take pictures and etc until much more recently. Yes, we may be in July, but we gon’ keep rolling.

all together now june 2014

This month’s box was really filled to the brim, which meant less tissue padding. Oh well, good thing none of the products I received were fragile!

index card june 2014

To the samples! Least to most favourite as usual.

Teeez’s Chain of Stones Nail Lacquer, in Jealousy Jade

nail polish june 2014

  • Index card states: “Apply two coats for an even finish. This nail lacquer will take your nails to high-gloss heaven. 8.5ml $15 Available at”
  • cough, in all seriousness, I know there are some nail-holics out there who paint their nails every other day…I, however, am not one of them. I feel like Topbox is copping out with all these nail polishes in their boxes.
  • Anyhow, this nail polish is a nice blue/teal.
  • Seems okay for pigmentation, though I can’t say much since I haven’t tried it on my nails.
  • Packaging is awesome. I was like oh gosh this is so pretty what is it?! and then become instantly disappointed that it was a nail polish.
  • Anywho, gonna curve ball this to a friend (again) and hope they won’t throw it back.

Derma E’s Age-Defying Hand Crème

hand cream

  • Index card states: “This anti-aging hand crème is rich in antioxidants and MSM to provide all-day hydraton and healthy cuticles for smooth, younger-looking hands. 113g $9.50. Available at”
  • Woo, full size product.
  • But still…meh, I don’t use hand cream much.
  • This cream very much says ‘meh’ due to it’s regular and generic qualities.
  • Packaging, regular. Smell, regular. Feel on hands, regular.
  • In the end, this isn’t a bad product at all! There’s just nothing special about it either.

KMS California’s HAIRSTAY style boost

hair mousse thing

  • Index cards states: “Shake well. Hold upside down and dispense into palm. Allow to crackle and expand. Apply to towel-dried hair prior to other styling products. Style as usual. 190g $22 Find a salon near you at”
  • Dang, was hoping for a little speel about how my hair would rival a goddess’ with said product. Oh well, maybe the next hair sample will satisfy my giggling needs.
  • Anywho, this product is FUN, okay? It actually crackles. And it crackles big time. A little entertainment is all I need sometimes. I think you can hear the crackling even through the silence of the gif below.

    Behold, the crackle!

    Behold, the crackle!

  •  As you may be able to see above, this isn’t really a mousse; not thin enough. It’s more of a gel.
  • Smell isn’t off putting or very strong.
  • I received a gel hair spray thing once before from this brand and really liked it. I will probably give this product a shot or two.

Barefoot Venus’ Lip Fable

lip balm 2014

  • Index card states: “Don’t forget to keep your lips nice and hydrated with our 99.9% natural lip balm. However you choose to tell your summer-time tale, say it with super soft lips. 4g $7.50 Available at”
  • One, what’s the other non-natural .1%? Come on, I’m thinking the worst here. Is it lead? Liquid mercury? Rat poison?
  • Two, why must it be a summer-time tale?
  • Three, why should it be said with super soft lips?
  • All jokes aside, I love lip balm, so I’m happy to receive this guy.
  • Smells like bubblegum! Yum. But does not taste like it. Boo.
  • A thinner lip balm, I tend to like thicker, but meh.
  • I like putting it on before starting my make-up routine. Keeps foundation from sticking to the lips and leave my lips in good condition by the time I want to use other lip products.

And that’s the end of this month’s box. Not really pleased with what I got, but some months are better than others.

For any readers who have read any other Topbox post of mine, you might notice something missing from this post. It was decided that my cat Fluffy, Topbox lover extraordinaire, would be put down. It’s been about a month since he died  and I still miss him so much. But, to get to the point, I just wanted to explain his disappearance and also express that I’m glad you guys were able to (electronically) meet him and enjoy him for a small amount of time.

Much love,
Nadine, T.M.E


2 thoughts on “Topbox June 2014 Unboxing!

  1. I got this lip balm in my July’s box and just uploaded the review of it to my blog! I got it in Knockout Mint though, but I am really happy with the product 🙂

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