Dermatillomania Challenge UPDATE! #ProjectNoPick

Hey everyone!

As a few of you may know, I decided to combat my skin-picking disorder by attempting the no-picking 30-day challenge more than a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately, I have failed this challenge. Miserably.

There are numerous reasons I could point to for my failure, but, I had to say the biggest and most surprising of reason for my failure was that my resolve just completely disappeared. I stopped caring. I don’t think I’ve ever had that state of mind in regards to my picking before. But, let’s move on, I rather not bother you with personal internal battles that have come and gone.

I have gotten some motivation back, and with that, an idea for an edited challenge that I think will suit my needs better.

Now, you’re probably thinking: “how the hell do you ‘edit’ a no-picking challenge? It’s pretty simple as is.” And you are certainly right. I guess I should better state the change is in how I will go about completing the challenge.

I call it…cue the drumroll.


I know, creative.

But wait, there’s a hashtag!? Oh god, Nadine, you’ve fallen for that trend too–Lemme cut in here and say there’s a reason for the hashtag!

I decided to put my new twitter account to use and make this challenge TWITTER based. How? Well…

Everyday for 30 days, I will upload a bare faced picture. 

For all my wordpress/tumblr folks, instead of clogging my blog with a picture everyday, I’ll compile pictures each week.

Another reason for the hashtag is so that other people can join in on the fun, if they like. We can bond over how we want to claw off our faces. Oh, the fun indeed.

For myself, I will begin this updated challenge…tomorrow, July 9th 2014!

Follow @NadineTME !

Much love,
Nadine, T.M.E

More updates!

So, I have finished this challenge and for convenience sake, I decided to link the relevant posts:

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3 thoughts on “Dermatillomania Challenge UPDATE! #ProjectNoPick

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  2. we’ve talked about resolutions to not pick or counting days of being pull- or pick-free in my bfrb support group, and how they can set people up for failure, because there will be bad days when, like you said, you just don’t care. i agreed with those in the group who said it might be better for some, with ideas of recovery being mainly to acknowledge, observe & reduce behaviors and not necessarily to be “cured” of it completely, to speak in positive, affirmative goals of self care rather than in the negatively phrased directives of “not picking” or “not pulling.” for me, since i beat myself up about everything anyway (part of what led to my picking in the first place), i don’t know if a challenge like not picking for 30 days would be helpful. but a log, like your 30 days of taking photos of your face, sounds like it could be motivating. thank you very much for sharing, and maybe i’ll do it along with you!

    • Oh wow, first off, thanks for writing this comment! It’s so insightful to me, who hasn’t really had the chance to explore that much deeper into the dermatillomania community and chat with other sufferers.
      I have to say, I saw the 30-day challenge and thought, “gosh, let’s give this a try! Anything that might work!” And, well, it didn’t. Cutting cold turkey is hard and, like you said, it’s setting yourself up for failure. Improvement and positive thinking is truly what we should strive for. It’s only been five days since I’ve started this bare faced challenge and I’m feeling great. I let myself pick at one zit and the words YOU FAILED aren’t flashing in my head. It’s more, oh wow, only one in five days, that’s amazing!
      Again, thanks for your comment and support! I wish you luck with your own dermatillomania and if you do decide to join me on ProjectNoPick, let me know!

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