Review: NYX’s Butter Gloss in Cherry Cheese Cake

Intro pic


Hello folks, how do you do? I thought long and hard about what product would be my first ‘official’ review. Considering it’s a giant cult favourite and an awards winner, a NYX butter gloss seemed like a good choice for a lip gloss hater like myself.

Gasp! Yes, it’s true. I hate lip gloss. At least, I very much disliked the ones I’ve tried (which in a small group but they were plenty enough to steer me away). The majority of lip glosses I’ve tried were majorly sticky, messy and make my lips far too…err, glossy? too shiny? for my liking. Silly, I know, but I dun like ’em.

However, many bloggers out there sing the praises of these butter glosses; some stating that the butter glosses were not sticky, packed with pigmentation and had a great array of colours to choose from.

Then again, those are other bloggers, this is my blog and here are my unprofessionally-makeup-trained thoughts on the NYX butter gloss in Cherry Cheese Cake (AKA, the most orange one).


Open product

  • As you can see, no bells and whistles. I like.
  • It’s not an overly huge or long tube either. Awesome. Not too bulky to carry around.
  • Dispenses a little too much product for the size of my lips, but that’s not really a huge con.
  • Not messy, lip gloss doesn’t really get all over the wand and the lid.
  • Doe-foot applicator is classic and fool-proof. Approved.
  • Now for some in-action lip gloss showing-off-y-ness. Ohh ahh.
  • show and tell tube

The Look?

Lips comps

  • Ohhh, I certainly do like this colour.
  • Pigmentation: Not bad, but not great either. If you’re expecting lipstick-like colour pay-off, think again. I’d say this is in-between a lipstick and tinted lip balm.
    Note: This review is for one colour, pigmentation may vary between shades.
  •  According to my buddy whom I know personally and has two of these puppies, sabsabsbeauty on blogspot, the pigmentation sort of fails if you have darker lips.
  • Finish: Not obnoxiously glossy! Gives just the right amount of shine.

The Performance?

Face comps

  • Err.
  • Umm.
  • Okay little butter gloss, you start off good, you’re creamy, not too sticky (though still a little sticky, let’s not kid ourselves, hair will stick if no caution is taken) and you look awesome!
  • However, you go downhill from there.
  • I can definitely feel the moisture of the butter gloss for more than an hour, but I can’t say that I see the colour for that long.
  • I don’t know, the pigmentation just…fades. Rather quickly. Though, your lips still feel great? It’s kind of strange. Anyone else think the same?

And finally…


  • I wished I liked the butter gloss more. It’s such a bargain.
  • But, the fading was a big no for me. If I want moisture, I’m going to grab a tinted lip balm or regular old lip balm that will last longer than this stuff.
  • Of course I’m still going to use it! If I go on an adventure that allows me time to reapply constantly, than you bet I’ll bring it! But, I’m afraid these kind of adventures aren’t the frequent sort.
  • So, ultimately, probably… NO. 😦

So, that’s all for now.

Much love,
Nadine, T.M.E


8 thoughts on “Review: NYX’s Butter Gloss in Cherry Cheese Cake

  1. Really pretty color. I’ve had better luck with Peaches and Cream. Even though the gloss itself fades, it leaves a light stain which really lasts after the first application.

  2. i JUST got my first nyx lip butter (due to all the good reviews) and this was the exact same color i picked — it’s such a great coral! but i agree, it doesn’t last long, and i’ll probably go with other products in the future, too….

  3. i actually felt the same way.. I was expecting something with a bit more pigmentation and moisture but it wasn’t as good as I expected (overhyped). I got it in the color eclair and theres even less color payoff then the one you have here

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