30 Day Dermatillomania Challenge: Week 2!

Intro pic

Hey everyone!

Now, I’ve been a very bad girl. Not only was I supposed to write a post on my first week, but I also failed the challenge this week. The sobs. I blame my 4-day trip to my relatives. The change of setting screwed me up. >> Yeah, let’s go with that.

For all those who have no idea what I’m talking about, click here to see my post about dermatillomania and this challenge! But, let’s continue on with the ups and downs I hit these past two weeks. We’re going to start with downs, so we can end this post on a good note.


  • Holy cow. I severely underestimated how much I picked at my body. While I’m in front of laptop or reading a book, one hand is consistently ‘scanning’ my body for imperfections without me really noticing.
  • IT WAS PERIOD WEEK. No, I ain’t gonna sugar coat it. The pimples appeared like poof and said,”hi there, Imma cover all of your face, kay?”
  • Full blown monster pimples hurt. Usually, I picked before they got too big… And gosh, I really feel so bad for people with cystic acne. You literally feel the soreness anytime you twitch a facial muscle!
  • I was very hyper-aware of ANY imperfection on my body at all time. I would loudly whine and point out all of the pimples and bumps to my mother daily. It’s like a goddamn itch that doesn’t go away.
  • My inner reasoning is too damn convincing. I can literally convince myself to do anything, whether it’s actually good for me or not. So, I convinced myself that one monster pimple popped would heal faster than if I left it alone. Then one turned to five and yeah…
  • “I want to claw off my face,” the quote I have repeated the most throughout this challenge.
  • The most negative emotion I felt was probably irritation.Β In all senses of the word.

Here are some pictures of my guilty face:

all angles week 2

Week 2 of 30 day challenge. Some picked areas are healing.












week 2 gif


  • After one week of no picking, hallelujah, my skin looked fantastic. The redness was minimal and there were barely any scabs.
  • My makeup went on so much better and I needed much less.
  • I felt proud of myself. Which you know, can be hard for anyone.
  • The encouragement I got was amazing. My mother and friends who I told about the challenge were all rooting me on! It was great and uplifting.

And that’s all I can think of. A lot more downs than ups, but I suppose that’s too be expected. It’s called a challenge for a reason. Anywho, ’til next week!

Much love,
Nadine, T.M.E



5 thoughts on “30 Day Dermatillomania Challenge: Week 2!

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  2. I just found you and am up to the challenge. Let’s do this together, today is my day one… I removed the vanity mirror light bulbs as a start and tossed my tools.

  3. Good luck! I’m so impressed! I’ve also been picking for 10+ years and have never made it more than a day or so without picking. If you can do it maybe I have a chance?

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