e.l.f Haul and First Impressions

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e.l.f Haul and First Impressions

Hello everyone, hope your week has been decent!
Today’s haul was brought to you by my persuasive friend and e.l.f first timer, Sabrina or sabsabsbeauty over at tumblr!

hello with sabrina
That’s her on the left. See, ain’t she cute? You should go show her some love and glance at her collaborating post showcasing her stash of things!
With the introduction out of the way, I suppose we could start on the good stuff; the HAUL~

Eyebrow kit

Eyebrow Kit (Ash)

  • Let’s get the embarrassment out of the way and start off with the mistake item.
  • I bought the ‘Light’ eyebrow kit before and loved it! I have no idea why I thought it was in the colour ‘Ash’ when I ordered.
  • Surprisingly, I can still make this work for me. The wax and powder combo makes a nice ashy brown colour, which in turn makes a very natural and tamed eyebrow look. With ‘Light’, I just use the powder most the time and get a lovely dark and defined brow without the harshness that brow pencils can sometimes offer.
  • An amazing feature in this kit is that the applicator can actually be used to apply the wax and powder…effectively! Who woulda thunk!
  • Packaging is awesome! Small, compact but they still manage to add a mirror! Yes, we have a mirror! Raise your hands and celebrate small successes!

undereye setting powder

HD Undereye Setting Powder (Sheer)

  • Impulsive buy really. Sabrina wanted one and I love the HD face powder, so I thought, why the heck not?
  • Unfortunately, this is not like the translucent HD face powder because this has some minimal shimmer. Worries? Yes, I do have them. Shimmer under the eyes doesn’t sound like a great idea. But, I get why it’s there. I mean shimmer catches the light and I suppose it’ll brighten it up under there.
  • The brush that comes with the powder is so tiny and therefore, not efficient for usage at all.
  • Powder texture is very soft and finely grained. Pretty sure it’ll work great (if only it didn’t have the damn shimmer).
  • Packaging is a little bulky for what it holds. Sift is fine, lid fits securely on, so I feel like leakage will not be an issue. And no way will this chunky block of plastic break on you!

min blushes

Pressed Mineral Blushes (Jet Setter and Cabo Cabana)

  • I heard great reviews about these newer blushes from e.l.f, and e.l.f’s studio blushes are probably some of the best on the entire cosmetics market. Hence, items were moved to cart and purchased.
  • First impression, love the packaging. Great size and simple design. No mirror like the studio blushes, but that’s okay.
  • Second impression, colours are beautiful!
  • Cabo Cabana – A perfect peach colour with shimmer. Will bring awesome glow to the cheeks!
  • Jet Setter – A matte dusty rose. A good choice for those with mature skin. (Like my mother, who I actually ordered this for)
  • Third impression, holy pigmentation! It’s amazing, so do be careful when applying. Just a tap and blend like your life depends on it.

moist fdn stick

Moisturizing Foundation Stick (Ivory)

  • First things first, e.l.f, we need to have a chat about naming your foundations!
  • This foundation stick here, is in no way moisturizing, for heaven sake’s it’s a cream to powder foundation. Dry skin girls, BEWARE. The same opposite issue happened with the HD Mattifying Cream Foundation in the compact. That product is dew-galore and no way mattifying.
  • Applies easily, but work fast to blend because it sets to powder quickly!
  • Medium coverage, I’d say
  • Ivory’s actually a little lighter than my skin tone, a first for any of the e.l.f foundations I’ve tried. Porcelain in the Flawless Finish Foundation is a perfect match for me, while the lightest colours for the Mattifying and Acne Fighting foundations are a little more yellow and darker (still workable though).
  • Can’t complain about packaging. It works and doesn’t take up much room. Nothing wrong with the twisting-mechanism as far as I can see.

jumbo lipgloss stick

Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick (Sangria Starters)

  • Wouldn’t say gloss is the right word for this product, try tinted balm with its ‘okay’ pigmentation.
  • Sangria Started is a nice …errr brown-ish red? Earthy red? I can’t think of a fancy colour comparison name.
  • I do like the colour on my lips though and the feel is light in the moisturizing department.
  • It doesn’t last long though. At all.
  • Peppermint oil must have been used in this, like the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. Cause the smell is very distinctively there. (I kind of heard that peppermint oil is a skin irritant. The worries.)
  • Packaging is okay, in the functional sense. In the petty sense, it feels and looks cheap. Don’t give me the whole “but e.l.f is cheap cosmetics” speech because all the previous products packaging argue that. I know this is from the essentials line, the cheap of the cheap from e.l.f…but I still don’t think it’s that excusable.

cond lip balm

Conditioning Lip Balm (Romantic Rouge)

  •  Ohhh, look at my lips. So glossy~ I like. Colour pay-off is great with this.
  • Creamy, but not too thick and not sticky!
  • Romantic Rouge is a nice dark pink with traces of red in there. It gives a bitten look in my opinion, but with loads of beautiful shine!
  • Packaging is ridiculously big. Bulky. Huge. Easy to find in purse? The white lid inside has a tiny and flimsy tab to open, and I’m pretty sure it will break off very easily in the future.
  • I think it last a good while on the lips!
  •  Coconut oil must be in this one because the smell of coconut is the definitely in the air.


Lipstick (Classy and Posh)

  • I’ve bought one of these lipsticks before (in Gypsy), and I actually liked it quite a bit.
  • I find them nicely creamy with great pigmentation.
  • Colour stays on well enough as well.
  • Classy – a petal (or for simplicity sake, light) pink, quite a bit lighter than I thought it would be and I might have a hard time wearing it with my wardrobe and style.
  • Posh – a dark ‘red meets pink’ colour. Quite a bit more red than expected, but I love reds, so this will get some wear outta me.
  • Packaging this time around confused me. The twisting-mechanism of the first lipstick I received worked just fine, but for these two, it took a little effort. It seems like it’s too tight and therefore requires the most pressure I’ve ever had to use on a lipstick to twist the product up.

Okay, all done! Long post is long.
Remember to check out Sabrina’s tumblr as well!

With love,
Nadine, T.M.E


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