Topbox April’s 2014 Box Opening & About Topbox

Topbox April 2014

Topbox April 2014

Topbox- April 2014 Opening and First Impressions

This month, what Topbox offers isn’t too bad at all! Keep going for further sample analysis and more details on Topbox!

April 2014 Topbox Opennd!

April 2014 Topbox Opened!

Memo Card

Memo Card

L.A Splash, Nail Splash in Grey Cashmere 

L.A. Splash Nail Polish in Grey Cashmere

L.A. Splash Nail Polish in Grey Cashmere

  • Memo card states: “Nail Splash is formulated to be quick drying and long lasting. Apply 2 coats for gorgeous nails. $7.50 each Available at”
  • Pretty decent size for a sample nail polish and I do like the colour.
  • (Unfortunately I ain’t a nail polish kinda girl, so I might throw this at a friend and hope they think I do it out of the kindness of my heart)
  • After testing this out on my thumb nail, it seems better than most nail polishes I’ve tried. It does dry quickly (first coat quite a bit faster than second, but t’is expected) and it applies easily. It isn’t poorly pigmented, too watery or too thick but you definitely need the two coats, maybe three if you really wanted to.

Elizabeth Arden, PREVAGE Anti-aging + Intensive Repair Eye Serum

Elizabeth Arden, Eye Serium

Elizabeth Arden, PREVAGE Eye Serum

  • Memo card states: “Help tighten, firm and smooth the appearance of visible aging signs around your eyes with Elizabeth Arden’s PREVAGE Anti-aging+ Instensive Repair Eye Serum. Pair this with PREVAGE Anti-aging + Intensive Repair Daily Serum to improve texture and tone and achieve younger-looking skin. 15ml $155 Available at Hudson’s Bay and”
  • … *throws sample across room*
  • These kinds of products piss me off. NO, and I mean, NOOO eye cream should be worth $155 (and for 15ml, that’s about 10$ per milliliter) unless there happens to be 100-carat gold flakes in it. And that still probably isn’t great for your eyes.
  • I do firmly believe that most eye serums/creams are B.S. Sorry everyone. If it’s good for my face, it’s good enough for my eyes. Sure, maybe eyes need a little more moisture. So, I’ll get a moisturiser formulated for dry skin and just place it around my eyes, that way I can enjoy having more product for much less; it’s the same deal with wrinkle care. Get a great anti-wrinkle face cream and pop some around the eyes.
  • So, I haven’t tried the sample. Haven’t heard of this product before either. Might try it on a whim, but meh.
  • P.S – Do you think I can sell this sample? I’m thinking I have, like, 3ml (30$) in the sachet. Any takers?

Sweet Pea Soap Co, Honey & Oats

Sweet Pea Soap Co, Honey & Oats

Sweet Pea Soap Co, Honey & Oats

  • Memo card states: “Oats are rich in protein & mineral and is great for exfoliating dirt & dead skin, leaving your skin feeling wonderfully soft & clean. The honey is a natural humectant, leaving your skin soft and silky. $5.95 available at”
  • Ohhh, first time receiving soap! Interesting~
  • I like how little and chemical-y free the ingredient list is! Very basic!
  • Smelling the bar itself, it reminds me a lot of almond paste.
  • After doing a little test hand washing, it lathers well and cleans well.
  • Once my hands were dry, I didn’t really find it all that moisturizing, though my hands didn’t feel stripped either. Then again, this is just after one use, I barely felt any those “exfoliating oats” in action.
  • The scent left on my hands was very nice. It wasn’t overwhelming in any way and smelled a little like oats. No biggie.
  • One thing: is it weird to say…that this soap is very very slippery and hard to hold when wet? Like, it’s seriously more slippery than usual soap bars, I swear.
  • Here is a demo of the soap, cause I could and did:
  • Honey & Oats demo

    Honey & Oats demo

  • P.S – new word of the day: humectant—a substance that absorbs or helps retain moisture (according to Encarta Dictionary-English (North America))

Best for last!

BH Cosmetics, California Collection Palette

BH Cosmetics, California Palette

BH Cosmetics, California Collection Palette

  • Memo card states: “Apply with brush as desired to create the perfect California looks. $18.95 each Available at”
  • WOOHOO, BH cosmetics~ I’ve always wanted to try one of their eye shadows! I saw this in a blogger’s Beauty Box 5 box opening and became a little green monster of envy. But now, muhahaha.
  • Being a naturals girl, I do loveee all the three colors in the palette.
  • The purple colour, Hollywood, is a lovely satin amethyst. A great pop colour I think for the outer corner crease (or whatever technical term you wanna call it).
  • The bronzed colour, San Francisco, is a really nice warm and shimmery brown. Great all-over colour!
  • The yellow-gold colour, Malibu, is a shimmery-borderline-glittery yellow gold. It’s pretty nice, the yellow-ness is a little off putting but…it’s so nice and I do like gold, so I really think I might be able to make this colour work for me.
  • As for pigmentation, not bad! The purple is the least pigmented, with the yellow-gold being the all-star shadow in the palette. The entire palette doesn’t have the most pigmented of shadows but it wasn’t like I was rubbing my fingers continuously in order to get enough colour for swatches to appear (which, any eye shadows are a pain to swatch and be true to colour). Oh wait, what, swatches, where? Yes, yes here they are:
  • California Collection Palette Swatch And Close-Up

    California Collection Palette Swatch And Close-Up

  • Here’s a gif to hopefully showcase the swatches better:
  • Ohh shiny

    Ohh shiny



About Topbox

If you’re new in the make-up and skincare online community, you may have never heard of things like beauty subscription boxes. Luckily, I’m going to attempt to give ya’ll a crash course on one of the more popular Canadian boxes; Topbox

What is Topbox?

  • Topbox is a beauty subscription box that is sent out around the middle of the month, every month. If there are any delays (like waiting for a product to launch before sending a sample of it), they will notify you like crazy.
  • Each box includes usually 4 deluxe samples or, if they feel like spoiling you that month, full size products.
  • Sometimes, you are given the option to choose a themed box, which means usually a one-brand box. The one-brand boxes I remember seeing were Clinique, Benefit, Bioderma, Lashem and etc. There are also boxes that I call “power-up” boxes which you can pay a little extra for full size items in said boxes.

Why choose Topbox?

  • There is a beauty profile quiz that you can fill out in order for them to send samples that are more to your liking, though it is not mandatory.
  • One edge Topbox brags about is that they are more eco-friendly than other boxes due to their packaging (one sturdy, brand-free and reusable mailing tube which is completely recyclable versus a branded box within another branded box). Though, they do send said awesome mailing tube in a bubble mailer that is branded… and normally wouldn’t be reused. Oh well, I guess it’s still recyclable.
  • Some well-known brands Topbox offers are: Aveda, Benefit, BH Cosmetics, Bioderma, Bourjois, Butter London, China Glaze, Clinique, Clarins, Cover FX, Deborah Lippman, Dr.Brandt, Elizabeth Arden, Essie, Estée Lauder, Glam Glow, Givenchy, Lancôme, Lise Watier, Marc Jacobs, Murad, Make Up For Ever , Philosophy, Prada, Shiseido, Shu Uemura, Skinceuticals, Stila, Velour Lashes, Yves Saint Laurent and more.

How much?

  • As you may have read from above, they offer some pretty classy high end brands to test out. So, how much does this bad boy cost a month?! Well, only 13.56$/month (this includes taxes). Not too shabby. Especially since what you receive is usually worth more than how much you pay (yes, some samples can be worth quite a bit).
  • Topbox accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express
  • Will automatically charge your card monthly, unless you choose to cancel (and no, there are no cancellation fees if you were wondering).


  • Interested and want to sign up right now? Unfortunately, you have to request for an invite first because they have to limit how many subscribers to take on. Don’t worry too much about that though, people do cancel their subscriptions for one reason or another, and you can easily take up a spot! I’m pretty sure I received an invite about a month after I sent a request.


  • Yes, unfortunately Topbox isn’t available out of Canada. However, they do plan to expand to the US sometime in 2014, as stated by their website.
  • Have any more questions? Ask below in the comment section or check out their site right here.

Personal Experience

  • I’ve been with Topbox for almost a year, May being the month I started, and I’ve been quite happy with them!
  • Yes, I still get super excited every time I get an e-mail notification (with a parcel tracking number, mind you) that my box got shipped out.
  • Their communication is absolutely fantastic! I receive not too many e-mails with promotions and etc. I’ve only experienced one broken sample out of the 11 boxes I’ve gotten. I e-mailed them like their site said, they got back to me next day saying I’ll get the sample in my next box and voila, there it appeared. 🙂
  • When I researched beauty boxes a year ago, I found Topbox to be the middle ground for pricing and quality. It wasn’t the cheapest, it didn’t offer the fanciest brands or a larger amount of samples, but it wasn’t the most expensive nor did they offer a load of drugstore/obscure brand items either.
  • Other boxes haven’t tempted me to stray from Topbox, with the exception of ipsy boxes. But…a Canadian girl should help out a Canadian business, am I right?
  • Of course, since items in your boxes aren’t painstakingly picked from your double who knows all your likes and dislikes, you do get some…meh items. The sample that pissed me off the most came in a Benefit box. It was a little swatch sample of the Fake-Up concealer. Basically, it was just a flat piece of plastic and foil on top of it, with this mushy mess sandwiched between. That mess…just supposed to be the sample of a stick Fake-Up concealer but…no. Just NO. I rather that I wouldn’t have received it at all.
  • I haven’t really bought any full sized products of the sample I’ve received with one exception, Bioderma’s micelle water. Awesome stuff, do try.
  • It’s simply really fun to test out the unheard and/or out-of-purse-strings-reach products.

Annnd that’s all folks!

Here’s my nosy cat one more time!

Fluffy and Topbox, new BFFs

Fluffy and Topbox, new BFFs

He was just so curious and couldn’t wait to see what the heck I was doing.

With love,
Nadine, T.M.E


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